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Soundcloud Launches Ad Platform And Preps Ad-Free Subscription Service

Techcrunch - il y a 1h 52 min

 Soundcloud has launched advertising on the platform for the first time. It’s understood that it will also start a new paid subscription service in the “coming months” to let listeners opt out of ads. It also appears to be in licensing talks with music labels over royalty payments and potential equity stakes – luring labels with promises of revenues and equity,… Read More

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Health Gorilla Bags $1.2M To Grow Its Online Diagnostic Test Marketplace

Techcrunch - il y a 2h 25 min

 Another funding round in the digital healthcare space, with US online diagnostic test marketplace startup Health Gorilla (previously called Informedika) pulling in $1.2 million in new seed financing, led by True Ventures. The startup says it expects a more substantial Series A round to follow shortly, in the coming months. Read More

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Opera Mini To Become The Default Browser On Microsoft’s Featurephones Before They Are Phased Out

Techcrunch - il y a 3h 38 min

 Opera Software has signed a partnership with Microsoft that will pre-install Opera Mini as the default browser on Microsoft’s featurephones and Asha phones. Included in the licensing agreement are devices based on the Series 30+, Series 40, and Asha software platforms. The news isn’t as big a boon for Opera Software when you consider that Microsoft plans to stop manufacturing… Read More

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Shipbeat Is A “Logistics-As-A-Service” To Solve E-Commerce Delivery Woes

Techcrunch - il y a 3h 56 min

 Denmark’s Shipbeat plans to offer an API that aggregates the services of leading parcel delivery companies, such as UPS, Fedex, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, and DHL etc., in a bid to solve the delivery woes of small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses and enable them to give customers all of the delivery options they desire. Read More

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Meedoc, The Video Conferencing App For You And Your Doctor, Raises $1.5M Seed Round

Techcrunch - il y a 4h 55 min

 Why can’t you Skype your doctor? That was the question Mikko Kiiskilä asked before co-founding Meedoc, an app and service that lets patients connect with their doctor online via the medium of video. Read More

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Uber API Terms Bar Developers From Working With Competing Services

Techcrunch - il y a 9h 12 min

 So a quick side note that wasn’t really mentioned in the coverage around Uber’s big API announcement this morning: The on-demand transportation company will keep developers who are interested in using its API from integrating with other ground transportation services as well. Read More

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Startup Marketing And How Emotion Drives Customer Action

Techcrunch - il y a 9h 56 min

 Put down the calculator and ignore the data for a second. Contrary to popular belief, startup marketing is not all about quantitative metrics and growth hacking. It’s time to start mapping out what creates a connection between you and your customer. Specifically, I am talking about driving customer actions by leveraging human emotion through the art of storytelling. Read More

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12 Questions With The CEO Of Thumbtack, Google Capital’s New $100 Million Bet

Techcrunch - il y a 10h 8 min

 In terms of Silicon Valley hype, Thumbtack has flown a bit under the radar since it was founded five years ago in 2009. But with the announcement today that it’s landed a whopping $100 million investment led by Google Capital, Thumbtack’s days of relative tech press anonymity are almost certainly over. For the uninitiated, Thumbtack is an online marketplace that helps connect all… Read More

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Sony Doesn’t Know Why The PS4 Is Doing Well

Techcrunch - il y a 11h 24 min

 Earlier this month, Sony announced that it has already sold 10 million units of its PlayStation 4 game console since its launch last November, a record-setting figure for the company’s hardware. In an interview with Eurogamer published yesterday, SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida admitted that the company doesn’t really know why its console is doing so well in… Read More

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Suits Optional As New Digital Team Moves Into The West Wing

Techcrunch - il y a 11h 50 min

 Mikey Dickerson, the engineer credited with saving the botched rollout of, moved into the White House earlier this month to lead the new U.S. Digital Service (USDS). But just because he’s working a few steps from the Oval Office, Dickerson said he won’t be changing his style. “People are putting up with me walking around [Executive Office Building] and the… Read More

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A Second Act For The Internet Of Things

Techcrunch - il y a 12h 56 min

 For the last few years there has been a lot of talk in the venture capital industry about automating the home and leveraging Internet-enabled devices for various functions in manufacturing and the traditional workplace. The first wave of this was the use of the smartphone as a remote control, like the Nest’s ability to allow consumers to control their thermostat using their smartphone.… Read More

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HP Slips After Reporting Better-Than-Expected Fiscal Q3 Revenue

Techcrunch - il y a 13h 18 min

 HP shares are off nearly 1 percent in after-hours trading despite posting better-than-expected fiscal third-quarter revenue, and in-line earnings per share. In its fiscal third, HP had revenue of $27.585 billion, ahead of an expected tally of $27.01 billion. The company earned $0.89 per share on a non-GAAP basis, matching expectations precisely. On a GAAP basis, not excluding certain costs… Read More

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Move Over, Uber, SF Residents Can “Yo” A Smart Car To Take Them Anywhere They Want Tomorrow

Techcrunch - il y a 13h 41 min

 A very gimmicky Mercedes-Benz campaign hopes to tap into the SF tech millennial market tomorrow by offering free rides in its smart electric vehicles to anyone who sends them a “Yo.” Starting at noon on August 21, smart will place pop-up signs at two outdoor locations in San Francisco – one in the Mission and one in SoMa. Anyone who reads the sign and then sends out a… Read More

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Incubated: How Amplify.LA Helps LA-Based Startups Grow

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 23:00

 Amplify.LA was founded to help grow the number of seed-stage startups in Los Angeles, by launching an accelerator and coworking space. Since then, it’s been home to a host of companies that rotate in and out of its offices in the heart of Venice, Calif. Read More

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Despite FAA Setbacks, Amazon Prime Air Makes Notable Engineering, NASA And Aerospace Hires

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 22:55

 Something big is going on with Amazon Prime Air, the e-commerce giant’s research project focused on delivering packages in 30 minutes or less using unmanned drones. And it’s not the dubious story about drone testing in India, which frankly, doesn’t pass the sniff test in terms of accuracy. Prime Air is shaping up to be more than a marketing stunt, it seems. The company… Read More

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The Pac-12 Networks Are Going Live On YouTube Internationally

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 22:00

 The Pac-12 conference is launching a live YouTube channel for international fans, featuring 24×7 coverage of the conference’s sports teams. Fans in 27 countries will be able to watch live games, studio shows, and re-broadcasts of games on the Pac-12 Network on YouTube starting on August 26. Read More

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The Eyeball Selfie For Secure Banking, EyeVerify Gets $6 Million In Series A Part 2

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 21:23

 Banking is now in the eye of the beholder. That’s literally for EyeVerify. This new kind of ID verification tech lets you simply hold your smartphone about 8 inches from your face and take a picture of your eyeball. EyeVerify then pattern-matches the blood vessels within the sclera, the white part of your eye, to unlock your bank account. This eliminates any possibility of a hacker… Read More

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Airbnb For Storage Startup Roost Opens Up To Help You Store Your Stuff In Your Neighbor’s Garage

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 20:00

 The idea behind Roost is not that different from any of those other marketplaces: I’ve got something you can use, you pay me to use it. In this case, we’re talking about storage space, specifically storage space that can be found in your neighbor’s basement, or garage, or attic, or what have you. Read More

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Hailo Launches API For E-Hailing On The Same Day As Uber

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 19:28

 Not to be left behind in the growing feud between Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and others, Hailo has launched a public API for its taxi hailing service, on the very same day Uber announced its own. The startup, which launched in 2011 in London but has since expanded to various cities across the UK, London and Canada, originally dealt in standard taxis vs. Uber’s black car focus, but has since… Read More

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TC Cribs: Storm8, The Land Of Very Colorful Desks And Lots Of Fancy Beer

Techcrunch - mer, 20.08.2014 - 19:11

 In this episode of Cribs we headed to Storm8, the company that makes lots of popular mobile social games. Storm8 is housed in a, well, pretty bland looking corporate building in suburban Redwood City, so we weren’t sure what to expect. But the inside of the office tells a very different story, with lots of very colorful things to catch the eye. That’s largely because Storm8… Read More

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