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Social Media Is Silencing Personal Opinion – Even In The Offline World

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 18:05

 Social media is not living up to its promise of being an online outlet for discussion that mirrors our communications and conversations that take place in the offline world. In fact, people are less willing to discuss important issues on social media, than they are in real life, a new report from Pew Research Center has found. It may seem like an obvious conclusion: of course, people are… Read More

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Sync, BitTorrent’s Dropbox Rival, Now Lets You Share With Links, Hits 10M Installs

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:59

 Sync, a free file-sharing and synchronising service from P2P company BitTorrent that works like a server-less, cloudless Dropbox, has amassed 10 million user installs and 80 petabytes of data transferred since first going live last year — buoyed in part by a wave of sentiment against cloud-based services that some suspect keep your private files less private than you would hope… Read More

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Pin Drop App Launches On US App Store With Smart New Features

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:47

 Pin Drop – an iPhone app and website which lets you save, organise, and share locations – has now launched on the US app store with new collaborative mapping features and the ability to have multiple profiles. We’ve been using it a lot in London, where it’s been taking off. It’s also had a privacy overhaul allowing the ability to toggle between making pins and… Read More

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Dan Gilbert To Make The Case For Detroit At Disrupt SF

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:41

 As a life-long Michigander, I’m very pleased to announce the Midwest will be well represented at Disrupt SF 2014. Detroit’s own Dan Gilbert will join me on stage for a fireside chat where we’ll talk about his ongoing plan to revive Detroit through startups and technology. I’m sure he also has some NBA protips for Ballmer. Read More

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Edgecase Brings A Smarter Approach To Navigating Online Retailers

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:21

 Edgecase is trying to make the online shopping experience friendlier and smarter — closer, perhaps, to what it’s like to shop with a salesperson who understands your needs and is totally knowledgeable about what’s in-stock. The company was previously known as Compare Metrics, but it’s relaunching today with a new name and an upgraded product. Read More

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Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App Makes Mobile Timelapse And Steady Video Capture Easy

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:15

 Instagram is building new apps that aim to do more with mobile photography, and today they’re launching Hyperlapse (via Wired), which allows you to make timelapse videos using standard video captured with your smartphone camera on the fly. The Hyperlapse app launch closely follows the international launch of Bolt, Instagram’s Snapchat-style photo sharing app, but this one looks like… Read More

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Thiel Fellow Raises $1.5 Million For Social Commerce App Strut

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:00

 By presenting users with a curated feed of instantly purchasable products, Strut hopes to highlight new fashions and allow users to build outfits by mixing and matching available apparel. Users will also be able to share those fashions with friends, get feedback, and message each other around specific products. Read More

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Admittedly College Counseling Service Lands $1.2 Million In Funding

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:00

 Admittedly, a company looking to give students, parents and college counselors access to comprehensive tools for finding and applying to the right college, has today closed a $1.2 million seed round. Investors include Quotidian, RRE, Correlation, Joanne Wilson, and Shawn Byers. Admittedly launched back in 2013 out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in New York, and was founded by… Read More

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Berlin-Based Social Media Marketing Startup Brandnew Gets $1.9M In Seed Funding

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 17:00

 Brandnew, a Berlin-based startup that helps brands create native ad campaigns for Instagram and Pinterest, announced that it has raised a total of $1.9 million in seed funding. This includes a $1.1 million grant from the city of Berlin, as well as $845,000 from investors including PubliGroupe, Berlin Ventures, and Lukas Kirche. Brandnew plans to use the funding for technology development… Read More

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Uber Begins Testing Lunch Delivery With UberFRESH

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 16:47

 Uber isn’t done producing variations on the theme of on-demand wheels – the startup has now begun testing uberFRESH, a service that provides lunch between 11:30 PM and 2:30 PM to customers in the Santa Monica trial area first, with a prix fixe menu that offers a different selection each day and is refreshed every week, for $12 per meal. The uberFRESH service is available in the… Read More

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QuickPics Is An iPhone Photo Manager For The Organized Among Us

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 16:32

 For the obsessively organized, sorting and searching through your iPhone photos is a problem still waiting to be solved. Even the forthcoming changes due out in iOS 8, which introduces a “smart” search functionality allowing you to search photos by time, location, album name while classifying others as “Favorites,” may not be enough for some. A new application called… Read More

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Blue Reveals Its Fresh Take On Over-The-Ear Heaphones

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 16:23

 No one will ever mistake the Blue Mo-Fi for Beats headphones. From the design to the amplified sound, the Mo-Fi headphones serve up a new perspective on the now-ubiquitous consumer electronic. Over-the-ear headphones are enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Where a few years ago white earbuds used to be a status symbol, massive headphones are now the status quo thanks mostly to Beats Electronics. Read More

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Bizible Raises $8M To Connect Marketing Tools With Sales Data

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 16:05

 Bizible, a startup promising to help coordinate a company’s marketing and sales efforts, is announcing that it has raised $8 million in Series B funding. The idea, basically, is to track whether online ads lead to sales. Bizible started out by pulling the data from AdWords search advertising campaigns into Salesforce, and it’s now expanding into other types of ads and marketing… Read More

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Pinterest Launches A New Analytics Dashboard For Business Users

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 16:00

 Pinterest is the latest social network to build tools to help businesses get more out of its platform. It’s got the brands on board, it’s got a group of brand-focused Pinterest For Business tools, and now it’s got a new analytics dashboard to help those brands better understand how fans are interacting with their content on Pinterest. Read More

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Sofatutor Raises Another €3.5M To Consolidate German Tuition Market

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 15:33

We haven’t heard from Sofatutor in a long old time. In 2012 they raised a ‘low million euro’ round from Acton Capital Partners, with existing investors. But their paid-for tuition service, which they’ve stuck to rigidly since they started, seems to attract investors. Today they’ve raised a third funding round to strengthen the company’s position in the… Read More

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Evernote Goes To Town On Its Market E-Commerce Portal With Retro Pfeiffer Office Gear

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 15:02

 Evernote, the cross-platform note-taking app that now has over 100 million users, is going large on Market, its e-commerce business that sits alongside its core product: today the company is announcing a collaboration with furniture designer Eric Pfeiffer to create a Charles-and-Ray-Eames-inspired series of office accessories with bent plywood and lots of clean lines. The first products,… Read More

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Acorns Is A Micro-Investment App That Does All The Thinking For You

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 15:00

 Investing for the future can be hard for a twenty-something. With restrictions like minimum account balances and commission fees that make it uneconomical to invest a few hundred bucks at a time, investing can almost feel impossible. Until today. Acorns is officially launching on the App Store to help anyone invest right from their smartphone. Read More

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Feedvisor Raises $6M Series A For Its Repricing Platform

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 15:00

 Tel Aviv-based Feedvisor, an algorithmic pricing and business intelligence platform for online retailers, today announced that it has raised a $6 million Series A round led by Australia’s Square Peg Capital. Today’s announcement comes just under a year after the company announced its $1.7 million seed round, which included funding from JAL Ventures, Oryzn Capital and Micro Angel… Read More

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Ifinity Unveils Battery-Less Beacon Tech

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 14:53

 Innovation in the beacon space — the micro-location technology that lets your smartphone trigger events based on how close you are to a beacon transmitter — doesn’t seems to be letting up any time soon. Polish startup Ifinity appears to be well on its way to solving one of the potential headaches of beacons: the need to periodically replace each transmitter’s battery. Read More

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Rogers And Shaw Team Up To Launch A Netflix Competitor For Canada Called ‘Shomi’

Techcrunch - mar, 26.08.2014 - 14:41

 Canadian cable giants aren’t just going to watch their audience slip away to streaming services – two of the nation’s biggest providers have joined forces to launch shomi, a new subscription-based service that provides access to shows on-demand, with apps for tablets, phones, web, Xbox 360 and set-top boxes at launch. The shomi service will be available only to Rogers and… Read More

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