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Google Launches Home Try-On Program For Glass

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 19:14

 Interested in owning Google Glass, but not sure how it will look on your face? Google now has an in-home try-on program that lets prospective buyers try all four colors of Glass and the entire Titanium Collection in different colors, for free. Read More

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Dropbox Acquires Cloud Photos Startup Loom And Document Collaboration Service Hackpad

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 19:12

 Only days after revealing its first dedicated photo management and sharing application Carousel, Dropbox is announcing it has acquired cloud photo storage and sync service Loom, a favorite among iOS users. The company, which currently offers apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as an online experience, says it will no longer be enrolling new users and will work to transition existing customers… Read More

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Linode Invests $45M To Switch To SSDs, Double RAM

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 18:29

 Thanks to new entrants like Digital Ocean, the competition in the hosting space has been heating up for the last few months and for the most part, it's the users who are reaping the benefits of this. In what is surely a reaction to pressure from its competitors, Linode, the established cloud VPS provider, today announced that it has invested $45 million to improve the hardware and networking… Read More

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A Million Little Facebook Pieces

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 18:11

 Facebook, massive and successful as it is, is no longer a company that defines new social experiences. It either copies them outright, or it just buys them. (See also: $19 billion for WhatsApp). Read More

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Data Analytics Startup Beckon Raises $8M As Marketers Look Beyond Generic Tools

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 18:04

 Beckon, a California-based startup that helps marketers track their spend using data analytics, has raised $8 million in Series A funding from August Capital and Canaan Partners. The latest funding brings total capital raised by Beckon to $10 million to date (including $2 million seed round from August). As we wrote earlier this year, Beckon helps marketers consolidate all data and insights… Read More

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Health Startup Healthberry Soft Launches Beta To Measure Patient Feedback

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 17:24

UK-based health startup HealthBerry has soft launched its beta. Pitched as a “better way to engage with patients” the startup uses social media as a way for national health services to measure patient feedback and thus inform improvements to services. It’s trailing with the UK’s National Health Service. The platform engages with patients, monitors programmes, syndicates… Read More

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Airbnb Offers To Pay Hotel Taxes In NY, Hotel Lobby Says ‘No Thanks’

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 17:13

 After years of complaining about how Airbnb doesn't compete on a level playing field, apparently the hotel lobby in New York now wants to ensure that the peer-to-peer hospitality startup isn't held to the same standards, especially as it relates to taxes. Airbnb has taken steps to ensure that it will be able to begin collecting hotel occupancy taxes, possibly as soon as this summer. It's just… Read More

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Watch Out Moves And Human — Now RunKeeper Releases A Movement App

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 17:01

 By now may are familiar with the smartphone apps that track your movements via the accelerometer. There are multiple pedometers on all the apps stores for instance. But a more intriguing sector has emerged in the shape of apps like Human and Moves. Both not only track steps but give you feedback on reaching goals, in a very light-touch manner. The beauty of these apps is that they gradually… Read More

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In Today’s Messaging Wars, Platform Makers Apple And Google Are Coming Up Short

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:59

 The $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook is nothing if not a signal of the significant importance that messaging has in this new phase of online connectivity, in the world where people's "first computers" are their mobile handsets. Dozens of new messaging apps launch every day, each with a core set of functionality and a few tricks of their own, ranging from the practical (calendar… Read More

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Tactus Taps Wistron To Bring Its Magical Physical Touchscreen Buttons To The Masses

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:35

 Tactus makes keyboards that appear out of seemingly flat glass touchscreen surfaces, thanks a fluid-based layer that reacts to electrical signals to create rises and bumps that serve as keys and buttons. It’s a magical technology, and one that you can see demoed on video in the clip below from CES this year. Soon, you’ll be able to get that tech on a range of devices thanks to a new… Read More

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Never Let The Internet Spoil Your Favorite TV Show Again

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:32

 There are Game Of Thrones spoilers in this post. If you click through, you will see them. Do not click through if seeing them will upset you. This is your only warning. Read More

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Union Offers A Professional Image Blending Tool That’s Actually Easy To Use

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:30

 The team at Pixite, known for making high-quality photo applications for iOS, including things like Unbound, Fragment, Tangent (an “App Store Best” in 2013), and more, is now revealing its latest creation: a photo-blending application called Union. The app lets you easily combine photos to make superimposed, silhouetted and double image exposures, as well as remove backgrounds, blend… Read More

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Lending Club Raises $115M In Debt And Equity, Buys Financing Company Springstone Financial For $140M

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:28

 Peer-to-peer lending marketplace Lending Club is announcing new funding and an acquisition this morning. The company raised $65 million from T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., Wellington Management Company, LLP, BlackRock and Sands Capital, and $50 million in debt. And Lending Club acquired financing company Springstone Financial for $140 million in cash and stock. Read More

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Hack Siri To Control Spotify, A Nest, A Tesla, And Give Directions Through Google Maps

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:15

 A team of University of Pennsylvania freshmen have turned Siri into the useful companion she was always meant to be. Their creation, GoogolPlex, routes Siri commands through a proxy, allowing their system to add custom commands. Ever want Siri to play a certain Spotify song on demand? Or control a Nest Thermostat? Or unlock your Tesla? GoogolPlex can do all of that. Enabling GoogolPlex is a… Read More

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MIT’s FingerReader Helps The Blind Read With A Swipe Of A Digit

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:01

 At MIT’s Media Labs, researchers Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber and others are working on the “FingerReader,” a ring-like device that straps itself around your finger and reads printed text out loud with a synthesized voice, thanks to a mounted camera and heavily modified open source software. The FingerReader’s voice is clipped and metallic – what one might liken to… Read More

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Comparison Engine Versus Launches Its First App To Grow Its 3.5M Monthly Uniques

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 16:00

 Versus IO, a consumer electronics product comparison engine startup based out of Berlin that's attracted backing from Dave McClure’s 500 Startups (among others), has launched its first app as it seeks to continue growing its user-base. Read More

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Spotify Removes Peer-To-Peer Technology From Its Desktop Client

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 15:34

 Music streaming startup Spotify is shutting down its peer-to-peer network that powered a significant part of the service in the desktop app. According to TorrentFreak, the company doesn’t need to use peer-to-peer anymore as it has enough servers spread around the world. As a reminder, the mobile app and the web interface never used the peer-to-peer technology. But this is a significant move… Read More

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Announcing The Agenda For TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 15:29

 TechCrunch Disrupt hits New York City May 3-7, and we're excited to announce the full agenda. The event will span five days and feature industry titans, noted thought leaders and experienced entrepreneurs. Read More

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SpringCM Scores $18M In Funding; Plans To Expand Sales And Marketing

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 15:13

 SpringCM, which has been doing hosted content management since 2005, long before we called it The Cloud, announced today it has received $18M in venture funding. CEO Greg Bucholtz told me he plans to use most of the money to expand his sales and marketing department. The funding for the Chicago-based company will come from Fort Worth, Texas-based Goff Capital, Square 1 Bank and Foundation Capital,… Read More

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Twitter Introduces Mobile App Install Ads And Integrated Ad-Buying With MoPub

Techcrunch - jeu, 17.04.2014 - 15:02

 It looks like Twitter is hoping to earn more ad dollars from mobile app publishers and developers. The company is announcing several new features today that Vice President of Revenue Kevin Weil described as adding up to "an easy and scalable way to drive app installs and app engagement, both on Twitter and off Twitter." Those include the ability to pay for Promoted Tweets that drive app… Read More

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