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App Store Downloads Top 85 Billion, Revenue Up 36 Percent Year-Over-Year

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 23:13

 Apple CEO Tim Cook announced today during the company’s FY Q4 2014 earnings call that Apple’s cumulative App Store downloads have now topped 85 billion up from 60 billion around a year ago. The number was announced alongside news of Apple’s massive quarter, and its record-breaking sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. For additional context, at Apple’s… Read More

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We Tried Out Apple Pay In The Real World

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 23:03

 Apple released iOS 8.1 today, and with it comes the ability to use Apple Pay on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. We decided to try it out by going to two nearby businesses that already accept Apple’s NFC-powered mobile payments: Walgreens and McDonald’s. Read More

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Apple’s Huge Q4: $42.1 Billion In Revenue, $8.5 Billion In Profit

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 22:37

 Today after the bell, Apple reported its fiscal fourth quarter financial performance, including revenue of $42.1 billion, and earnings per share of $1.42. Analysts had expected Apple to report profit of $1.31 per share, on revenue for the period of $39.85 billion. During the fiscal quarter, Apple had net profit of $8.5 billion, up 13.3% from $7.5 Billion in the same quarter last year. Compared… Read More

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Apple Sold 39.3M iPhones During The iPhone 6 Launch Quarter, 12.3M iPads And 5.5M Macs

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 22:35

 Apple’s earnings for the final quarter of its fiscal 2014 year are out, and boy did they sell a lot of iPhones. The hardware quarter saw 39.3 million iPhones sold, along with 12.3 million iPads and a very respectable 5.5 million Macs, with the fading iPod category bringing up the rear with 2.6 million sales. iPhone growth year-over-year is the most impressive stat here, and it’s… Read More

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Here’s What You Need To Know From Microsoft’s Cloud Event

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 21:39

 Today in San Francisco, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and his lieutenant Scott Guthrie detailed the status of their company’s cloud efforts, breaking out a few growth metrics, and announcing several new features that they hope will spur growth. Microsoft is hellbent to be a winner in the cloud space. With self-claimed $4.4 billion in yearly cloud run rate  — expect a… Read More

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iMac With Retina 5K Display Review: Meet The Best Desktop Computer Available

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 21:02

 Apple’s newest iMac has the best display ever on a computing device. Let’s just get that out the way right at the start: You won’t find a better screen anywhere else, period. The 27-inch, 5120×2880 screen has a PPI of 218, or roughly equivalent to that of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, but the specs on paper, while impressive in their own right, can’t convey… Read More

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Smartsheet Helps Businesses Visualize Themselves

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 20:30

 Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-based project and work management platform, is now making it easier for companies to understand how their employees actually work (and who they mostly work with). Companies mostly use the service to manage their projects and help employees collaborate. Because of this, the service knows quite a bit about who does what in a given business and now it allows businesses… Read More

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CloudCannon Raises $500K To Make Designing Static Websites Simpler

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 20:01

 CloudCannon, a simple CMS for web designers and their clients aimed at offering simple visual editing without the need for an advanced technical skillset, is today launching globally from TechCrunch Disrupt: London’s Startup Alley. The company is also announcing $500,000 in new funding, and a partnership with domain name registry Rightside. The additional capital comes from New… Read More

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What You Need To Know To Get Started With Apple Pay

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 20:00

 Apple Pay is now available for anyone to use, provided they’ve got all the prerequisites, both for physical stores and for online transactions. But you can’t just walk up to your local brick-and-mortar store and wave your iPhone and walk out with whatever you want – that would be theft. Instead, you’ll need the following to be in place to have a happy Apple Pay… Read More

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Fitbit Won’t Work With HealthKit Because It’s Building An Apple Watch Competitor

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:37

 A few weeks ago, Fitbit publicly admitted that it had no plans to follow the growing crowd of fitness trackers and apps that are rushing to integrate with Apple’s HealthKit and Health app. In response, it seems, Apple has pulled Fitbit devices from its retail stores. And now we know why — because Fitbit is building a device that will compete directly with the upcoming Apple Watch. Read More

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OnePlus’ Impressive $299 Smartphone Will Finally Go On Sale To All — But Only For An Hour

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:37

 If you’ve been in the market for OnePlus One, the hugely impressive $299 Android smartphone that is available by invite only — thus far — then your luck is in. The startup has announced that it will make its first smartphone available to all members of the public, but for a one hour window only. The impressive device will be available to buy for an hour on October 27… Read More

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The Best Panels, Talks And Startup Pitches From The First Day Of Disrupt London

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:34

 Our interview with Tim Armstrong answered some interesting questions about the future of AOL our fireside chat with Google Ventures showed us what’s on the horizon for Europe. Then there are some amazing pitches by some great stealth startups including CosmEthics and Sign2Pay. In short, it’s business up front and party in the the back. Here are a few highlights from… Read More

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Zap Puts Ads On Top Of Taxi Cabs As They Scoot Around Town

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:28

 Unlike startups Zoom, Pow, Zing, and Schwongooza, Turkish startup Zap is trying to disrupt the on-taxi advertising market. By placing bright LED signs on the top of standard cabs, the company aims to turn dead space into a lucrative advertising spot for drivers and fleets. Founded by Yigit Kipman, Ahmet Bati and Emrecan Bati, the company has received a $100,000 grant to expand through Europe… Read More

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CareZapp Is Building A Support Platform For Home Healthcare

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:22

 If you’re hoping to provide home care for a sick or elderly family member, startup CareZapp is building a technology platform to help. The company just took the stage as part of the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Europe. Co-founder and CEO Andrew Macfarlane told me that his interest in the field began with his mother’s death from cancer more than two decades ago, and the… Read More

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Ooyala Buys Euro Video Ad Startup Videoplaza In Its First Acquisition

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:05

 Ooyala, the video company that was acquired by Telstra earlier this year, has now made an acquisition of its own. It has bought Videoplaza, a UK-based video advertising startup. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but we are trying to find out. It’s potentially a very valuable deal when you consider the reach of Videoplaza. The company says that more than half of all the broadcasters… Read More

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InstantAPI Lets You Build An API In An Instant

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 19:03

 “In the world of cloud computing, APIs are the new currency,” Microsoft’s VP of its developer division S. “Soma” Somasegar told me last week. But if that’s true, then how can you best create an API for your services? There are a number of API management services on the market — and some of them sold for a lot of money recently — but you… Read More

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iOS 8.1 With Apple Pay Now Available, Here’s What Else It Brings To Your iPhone And iPad

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 18:58

 Apple’s iOS 8.1 arrives today, and it brings with it some impressive new abilities. First and foremost, at least in terms of its long-term impact, is probably the introduction of Apple Pay, the new mobile payment solution built into iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. But 8.1 also offers the ability to send/receive texts and phone calls from your phone on your… Read More

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Mosquitos Beware, DDG Is Coming For You

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 18:36

 Malaria, a disease rarely found in the US, is a global epidemic, with 219 million cases reported by the CDC in 2010. Caused by a parasite and spread from person to person via mosquito, the disease easily go undetected in its early stages with symptoms that mirror those of the flu. Early detection of Malaria is critical to treatment but is done too infrequently or too late, usually due to… Read More

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The Oscult Is An iPad-Connected Ultrasound Machine

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 18:24

 Healthcare in developing nations is a problem just aching for a solution. But it’s a big problem. Chipping away at that predicament is a company called Oscadi. Oscadi has created a piece of hardware, called Oscult, that allows you to perform an ultrasound by simply plugging their device into an iPad. The company claims that up until now, more than 60 percent of the world does not have… Read More

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Giftgaming Gives You Power-Ups In Exchange For…Giving You Real-World Discounts

Techcrunch - lun, 20.10.2014 - 18:09

 Giftgaming is a win-win-win that helps you win. Advertisers get exposure, developers get paid, and you get free virtual goods in mobile games plus coupons for discounts on meatspace purchases. Today, Giftgaming launched its service onstage at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in London. When you’re playing a mobile game like Fluid Football, you’ll be able to tap a Giftgaming icon for… Read More

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