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Atheer Labs Releases A First Enterprise Developer Kit For Its 3D, Wearable Glasses

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 22:03

 There is a pretty wide spectrum between wearables like Google Glass, which you take around with you in your everyday life, and fully immersive virtual reality experiences like the Oculus Rift, which take you out of the real world and are experienced in a stationary environment. Atheer Labs, a Mountain View-based startup, is building a set of wearable glasses that’s somewhere in… Read More

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Exchange Corp. Launches Cardless Payment Service With $3.3 Million Series A

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 21:31

 The Japanese startup Exchange Corp. has launched a new up-front payment service for online retailers called Paidy as it closes on $3.3 million in new financing. Launched by Russell Cummer, a former trader with Goldman Sachs in Japan, Exchange Corp. began as a peer-to-peer lending service in Tokyo, but is expanding to offer up-front payments as the market for those services begins to blossom… Read More

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Talk Private To Me: Free, Worldwide, Encrypted Voice Calls With Signal For iPhone

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 21:18

 Rejoice, O lovers of privacy! For Open WhisperSystems has released Signal for iPhone, which gives any and every iPhone wielder the power to fully encrypt their calls against prying ears — and is completely compatible with OWS’s time-tested and well-liked RedPhone for Android. Read More

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Microsoft Updates OneNote For Apple Products

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 20:34

 Microsoft debuted a number of changes to OneNote for Apple products — iPad, iPhone, and Mac — today that broaden the functionality of the note-taking tool. Users of OneNote for Mac can now connect to OneDrive for Business accounts. Across all three devices, OneNote users can now add files to their ‘notebooks.’ On iPad and iPhone, users will be able to insert files sent… Read More

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Backed By Tencent And Felicis, Scaled Inference Wants To Be The Google Brain For Everyone

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 20:24

 Google Brain, an artificial intelligence and machine learning project at Google, has been used to power services like Android’s speech recognition system and photo search on Google+. Now, two of the most longstanding machine learning engineers, one of whom worked on Google Brain, have left the search giant to start a new company. The idea: to build machine learning, artificial… Read More

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Tech Companies Throw Their Support Behind Strengthened NSA Reform Bill

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 20:15

 As expected, Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced the USA FREEDOM Act to the upper chamber of Congress on Tuesday. The bill comes on the heels of a similar, weaker measure passed in the House that was widely condemned as denatured and passed by brute force. “If enacted, this bill would represent the most significant reform of government surveillance authorities since Congress passed the USA… Read More

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Project Management Platform Wrike Challenges Asana With New Workflow Tools

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 19:42

 When it comes to web-based project management tools, we are spoiled for options these days. Popular ones include Asana, which coincidentally released its new iOS app today, Podio and Atlassian’s collaboration services. One lesser-known competitor is Wrike, a project management and collaboration service that raised $10 million from Bain Capital last year. The company is launching a… Read More

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EA Launches A $30 Per Year Netflix For Games On Xbox One

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 19:38

 I’d play a lot more games if they weren’t $70 a pop, and it looks like EA suspects that might be true of a lot of gamers. The game publisher just announced a new subscription service called ‘EA Access‘ for Xbox One users that will give subscribers all the games they can play (from a limited catalog) for $4.99 per month. What games, you say? Well, there’s Madden 25… Read More

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Spotify Adds An Equalizer So You Can Turn Up The Bass

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 19:32

 A small but notable update to the Spotify iOS application is sure to please music fans: the company has just rolled out a new equalizer feature which lets you adjust your music by choosing from one of several presets, or by dragging the points in the graph using your finger for a more precise and personalized setting. The app also received a a few other features in this latest release,… Read More

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Peak Drive Aims To Be As Usable As Dropbox, As Secure As SpiderOak

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 19:25

 A new German cloud storage startup is preparing to launch a service it bills as more secure than Dropbox, thanks to offering client-side encryption — but it’s also shooting to be as usable as Dropbox — and therefore more user friendly than other security-focused cloud storage services that do local encryption, like SpiderOak. Read More

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StumbleUpon Gets A Redesign In Version 4.0 For Android

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 19:18

 StumbleUpon released version 4.0 of StumbleUpon for Android today, bringing a complete user interface overhaul, including navigation changes and a new way for users to find content. The design fits Google’s Android app design guidelines, with pages you can slide in from the left and right and a flat look that is has hints of Android L’s Material design. The drawer slide menu gets… Read More

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Please Join Us For The 9th Annual August Capital Party In Silicon Valley

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 19:15

 TechCrunch’s annual summer soirée is almost here. As in years past, August Capital will host TechCrunch and hundreds of local investors, founders and developers at its sunny office on Sand Hill Road. All are welcome to the August 1 event, but space is very limited. Read More

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After A Decade In Business, Kargo Says It’s Growing Fast, With Big Ambitions For Premium Mobile Ads

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 18:12

 By the standards of the startups we cover at TechCrunch, mobile advertising company Kargo is pretty much ancient. But even though it was founded back in 2003, the company says it’s hit a triple digit revenue growth, with total annual revenue approaching $50 million. And it’s profitable. Founder and CEO Harry Kargman also told me that Kargo’s headcount has grown about 50… Read More

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Airbnb Partners With San Francisco And Portland For Emergency Preparedness

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 18:10

 Airbnb announced a partnership with the cities of San Francisco and Portland as part of an initiative to help communities prepare and respond to emergencies. Read More

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Asana Doubles Down On Mobile, Releases New iOS App

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 18:08

 Asana, a company that provides collaboration tools to corporations and groups, today released a unified iOS application for iPhone and iPad. As other companies have in recent quarters, Asana built its new iOS app using native code. (The app is due to land in the app store at any moment, so if you don’t see it in the App Store, hang tight.) The firm has an Android app similar to its new… Read More

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WalmartLabs Acquires Kleiner Perkins-Backed Luvocracy, A Pinterest-Like Marketplace For Product Recommendations

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 18:01

 Walmart’s Silicon Valley R&D group @WalmartLabs has acquired its fourteenth startup, the company is announcing this morning, with a deal to bring in a total of 16 employees from social marketplace Luvocracy, including founder and CEO Nathan Stoll, previously co-founder of Aardvark and an ex-Googler. The three-year old company offered a Pinterest-like experience where friends… Read More

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I Want My Internet TV

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 17:38

 Well, it’s happened. Sarah Palin has her own internet channel, free from the “lamestream media.” Palin seems to be just one more personality joining what seems to be a larger trend in our society. We’re moving on from television to watching content via the internet. The Sarah Palin channel will cost you $9.95/month or $99.95 for a one year subscription. You can try a 30… Read More

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Bring Your Hardware To Disrupt SF

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 17:30

 It’s summertime and the Hardware Alley love is easy. We want to see you in San Francisco for Disrupt SF 2014, our annual celebration of all things startup. It’s a great time. You get to meet great founders and VCs, and I’d love to meet you. Hardware is my favorite thing in the world and you’re some of my favorite people. Read More

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Cutting Energy Costs For Businesses, Green Charge Networks Raises $56 Million

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 17:10

 Armed with nifty energy management software, thousands of Samsung lithium-ion batteries, and $56 million in outside financing, Green Charge Networks is looking to change the way companies pay for power. If the issue sounds a little boring (yawn, utility bills), think about this: businesses spend billions of dollars on power — in some cases many millions more than they could —… Read More

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Frameri Eyes Up Warby Parker, Launches Eyewear With Interchangeable Lenses

Techcrunch - mar, 29.07.2014 - 17:00

 Ever since they disrupted the glasses industry, Warby Parker hasn’t seen much competition from other startups. Until now. Frameri, a new brand focused on giving you some optical bang for your buck, is today launching to the public. The company has raised a $750k seed round. Read More

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