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Chicago And Big Data

Techcrunch - jeu, 23.10.2014 - 01:00

 As a civilization, we may not be getting smarter. However, the technologies we use certainly are. Since the introduction of the smartphone, we’ve witnessed the emergence of smart homes, smart power grids, and even smart football stadiums for helping fans find parking spaces. Lately, the trend has been to go big. Infrastructure applications are ever increasing in size and scope for… Read More

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Tim Armstrong Doesn’t Say The Wrong Thing About Women In The Workplace

Techcrunch - jeu, 23.10.2014 - 00:55

 In the past few weeks and months, conversations about women in our industry have run the gamut from companies such as Apple and Facebook willing to pay to freeze women’s eggs so they can put off having children and Satya Nadella’s karmic misstep to the data-rich, but solution-poor disclosure of just how few women are at the top of tech. Read More

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When Should Startups Hire A CFO?

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 23:00

 Many founders and CEOs of start-ups don’t spend a lot of time thinking about CFOs. When it comes to finance for a start-up, founders focus on more pressing needs: What’s my burn rate? How long is my runway? How does our annual recurring revenue (ARR) look? How much more money do we need? Read More

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SOSVentures Takes On Y Combinator With A Pure Biotech Accelerator

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 22:33

 International VC firm SOSVentures is capitalizing on the now buzz worthy biotech investment trend with the creation of IndieBio, the first accelerator to focus on just life sciences. Y Combinator raised a few eyebrows when it accepted five biotech companies out of the 80 startups in its program this last summer. That was a first for the Silicon Valley accelerator. But IndieBio partners tell… Read More

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Vint Launches A Monthly Subscription Service Offering Unlimited On-Demand Fitness Training

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 22:31

 Two months after bringing its fitness marketplace to San Francisco, Vint is introducing a new way for users to set up 1-on-1 workout sessions with trainers in the form of a $120 monthly subscription that lets you arrange as many meetups as you’d like. Read More

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Apple Pay’s First TV Ad Is A World Series Spot From MasterCard And MLB

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 21:45

 Apple’s new payment system is live, and Apple Pay has already garnered more attention than most mobile payment efforts to date. It also has a new ad, which aired yesterday during the opening game of the 2014 World Series, from payment partner MasterCard. MasterCard’s ad accompanies its new rollout of contactless payments at food and beverage purchase points in MLB ballparks across… Read More

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Hands On With Google Inbox: Useful Email Triage Tools For A Mobile Workflow

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 21:22

 Google’s Inbox email app is now available, and we have access to the limited release, which is being distributed via Google’s tried-and-true invite system. While many will have to wait to check it out for themselves, our first impressions might help you decided whether you want to even try chasing down an invite. First, this is a good-looking app that benefits from Google’s… Read More

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Boostable Gets $3.2M, Its Ads Get More Sales For Your Event, Crowdfund, Or Online Store

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 21:20

 Boostable doesn’t have to sell its ads. Marketplaces sell them for it. Ticket, crowdfunding, and ecommerce marketplaces make money when their users sell things, so they’re incentivized to route traffic to the listings they host, which is exactly what Boostable’s easy-peasy ad-buying tool does for marketplace sellers do. So the marketplaces do the legwork of recommending… Read More

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Verizon Leads Flint Mobile’s $9.4M Round As Payment Service Comes To The Web

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 21:11

 Flint Mobile, a point-of-sale mobile payments solution originally built around snapping photos of your credit card instead of dongles or using other hardware to make payments, is today announcing that it has raised another $9.4 million in funding led by new, strategic investor Verizon via its Verizon Ventures arm; as well as an expansion of its service to the wider internet in a new… Read More

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Foundation: Biz Stone On Moving From Artist To Entrepreneur

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 20:49

 In our latest Foundation interview, I sat down with Jelly CEO and co-founder Biz Stone. We discussed his entrepreneurial roots, leaving college to jump into the world of art and design, and embarking on a social startup in the early days of the web. Biz on shifting from an artist to a tech entrepreneur: This is building companies, and building experiences for people to be able to design their… Read More

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Progress Software Buys Telerik for $262.5M As Buying Spree Continues

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 20:47

 In a deal today involving two companies with links to the Boston area, Progress Software, which helps companies build business software, announced it was buying Telerik for $262.5M. Telerik’s portfolio includes a .net toolbox, a mobile development platform and a CMS called Sitefinity, as well as access to a developer community of over 1.4M people. According to Karen Tegan… Read More

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Twitter Launches Digits, A New Way To Sign In To Apps Without Using Passwords

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 20:05

 Today, Twitter announced the launch of a new service called Digits, aimed at application developers looking for a simpler, password-free login option for their mobile applications. The news was revealed this afternoon at Twitter’s first annual developer conference called Flight, which served not only as the launchpad for a suite of tools aimed at mobile application developers, but… Read More

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Twitter Introduces Fabric, A Toolkit For Developers To Build Apps On Its Platform

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 19:36

 At Twitter’s Flight conference this morning, Dick Costolo’s introduced Fabric, a set of APIs aimed at developers to encourage them to build apps and services on top of the Twitter platform. In the build up to introducing the new APIs, Costolo said that Twitter “wanted to approach this not from the perspective of what would be best for Twitter, but what would help [developers]… Read More

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Google’s Inbox is A New Email App From The Gmail Team Designed Not To Be Gmail

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 19:15

 Google has introduced a new email app, from the same team that builds Gmail, but intended as something completely different from Gmail. Inbox is the app, and it looks like it might owe some inspiration to Mailbox, and to Google Now. The new Inbox app is available to a limited user group only, and will be expanding its user pool via an invite system similar to the one that Google used for Gmail. Read More

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Amazon Gets More Enterprise-Friendly With Launch Of AWS Directory Service

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 19:13

 Amazon has been moving into the enterprise world with the launch of corporate I.T.-friendly Fire HD and HDX tablets, its own secure storage service Zocalo, its virtual desktop computing platform WorkSpaces, and not to mention the cloud computing behemoth that is Amazon Web Services. Today, the company is making the combination of on-premise and cloud resources, easier to manage with the launch… Read More

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Amazon Rewards Visa Card Will Support Apple Pay In The Future

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 18:16

 Amazon has confirmed to TechCrunch that its Rewards Visa Card will indeed support Apple Pay, and that the company is working on making this happen. The Rewards Visa Card is powered by Chase, which is already one of the payments companies working with Apple on Apple Pay at launch. While Amazon has confirmed that it is working to bring Apple Pay to its credit card, there is no specific timeframe… Read More

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Glamsquad Raises $7 Million For On-Demand Hair Styling And Beauty Services

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 18:05

 New York-based Glamsquad, an on-demand beauty business now headed by Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson who joined earlier this year as co-founder and CEO, has now raised $7 million in Series A funding in a round led by SoftBank Capital. The company launched in January of this year in New York, and is now one of several services that bring professional hair stylists and makeup… Read More

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U.K. Government Keeping An Open Mind On Bitcoin, Says Digital Economy Minister

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 18:00

 Ed Vaizey, the U.K.’s minister for the Digital Economy, has said the government is keeping an open mind about digital currencies as it continues a review of Bitcoin and its ilk which kicked off this summer. Read More

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Fitness Tracker Moov Raises $3 Million For Its Wearable A.I. Coach

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 17:54

 The crowdfunded fitness tracker Moov, built by former Apple engineer and HALO game designer Nikola Hu, Microsoft Research vets Meng Li (now Moov CEO) and Tony Yuan, has raised $3 million in new funding in a Series A round led by Banyan Capital. The additional capital follows Moov’s earlier raise of $1 million via a crowdfunding page on its own website. There was early buzz around… Read More

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Pandora Now Offers Audience Data To Musicians

Techcrunch - mer, 22.10.2014 - 16:23

 Pandora just announced something called the Artist Marketing Platform, offering a variety of listener data to everyone whose music is played on the Internet radio service. In the release announcing the AMP, Pandora says the platform will offer data about each song (including the total number of plays and the number of thumbs up), as well as the number of fans who have created a station for… Read More

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