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Netflix Is Down (Update: And We’re Back!)

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 16:11

 Netflix, the lifeblood of the Millennial generation and stay-at-home parents, appears to be down for some people. It's working for me, personally, but reports on Twitter and other status service report sites seem to show service disruptions. AWS is up, currently, so there's no room to blame Amazon on this one. Read More

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Personalized Shopping App Pickie Acquired By Digital Coupon Giant RetailMeNot

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 16:05

 RetailMeNot announced today that it will be acquiring the team behind personalized shopping startup Pickie. As part of this acquisition, Pickie will be shut down immediately, and some members of the team will be moving to Austin to become part of RetailMeNot. Otherwise, terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read More

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Google Play Still Tops iOS App Store Downloads, And Now Narrowing Revenue Gap, Too

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 15:48

 Android’s position as the most dominant smartphone platform worldwide is also having an impact on mobile app download growth, and now, increasing revenue. Google’s app marketplace, Google Play, saw 45% more downloads that Apple’s iOS App Store in Q1, according to a new report out this morning from App Annie. However, Apple continues to still be “comfortably ahead”… Read More

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Twitter Acquires Longtime Partner And Social Data Provider Gnip

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 15:18

 Twitter has acquired Gnip, the social data provider that has long provided access to public Twitter data, and that has deepened its relationship with the social network over the years through a series of product and partnership announcements. The acquisition will lead to Twitter offering even more of its data to Gnip’s customer base, and existing customer relationships with Gnip will… Read More

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Uber Ride-Sharing Service UberPOP Now Banned in Brussels

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 15:07

 Urban transportation company Uber is slowly but surely expanding its ride-sharing service UberPOP in Europe before Lyft expands to Europe. After opening first in Paris, the company recently launched UberPOP in Brussels, Berlin and Barcelona. But according to De Tijd and, the company is facing legal opposition in Brussels as UberPOP is now banned in Brussels. Uber will receive a $13,800… Read More

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Gmail Now Lets You Insert Photos Automatically Backed Up From Your Smartphone Via Google+

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 15:06

 I may not use Google+ all that often for social interaction, but its Auto Backup service for photos is incredibly handy, and now it’s even handier thanks to a new Gmail feature introduced today. The addition brings Auto Backup images right to the Gmail web interface, giving you access to all the pics you’ve uploaded automatically from your smartphone with a single click. Now when you… Read More

Catégories: News informatiques Pays $3.2M To Buy Digital Marketing Marketplace, Warrior Forum

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 12:20

 Job outsourcing marketplace has put down a portion of the money it raised from its IPO last fall on buying Warrior Forum, a marketplace and forum for digital marketing professionals. filed for an IPO last October, with the aim of raising ~$14.2 million — noting at the time that it intended to use the IPO funds for organic growth and also acquisition… Read More

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Zebra Technologies May Acquire Motorola Solutions For $3.5B

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 09:48

 Motorola Solutions may sell its enterprise division to Zebra Technologies in a deal worth about $3.5 billion, according to a report in the Financial Times. The acquisition, which may be announced on Tuesday, would produce a company that could generate annual sales of about $3.5 billion. Read More

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Fon Launches Gramofon, A Router With Facebook And Spotify Built-In

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 09:01

Today, crowd-sourced Wifi network operator Fon launches its rumoured new product, the Gramofon. But unusually for a large tech company with healthy revenues, it’s launched the product with 30-day crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter at a discounted price, starting at $30. This device offers simple Fon-like Wi-Fi sharing functionality after you log in via Facebook, an audio out to speakers… Read More

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Viddsee BUZZ Launches To Help Independent Asian Films Go Viral

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 08:25

 Viddsee, an online video platform that helps independent filmmakers throughout Asia distribute their work, has launched the beta version of Viddsee BUZZ, a new site that is meant to help content reach a wider audience on social networks. The site, which launched last year, also announced that Viddsee has hit five unique million viewers. Read More

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BTC China Launches ATM Web App

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 06:58

 BTC China, one of the world's largest bitcoin exchanges by trading volume, released a new mobile-friendly Web app called the Picasso ATM today. The Picasso ATM allows users around the world to exchange the digital currency for cash without having to find a physical ATM. Read More

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How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 05:55

 The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley. This was simply the result of bad planning and layers of leadership failure — nobody thinks farms literally needed to be destroyed to create the technology industry’s success. Today, the tech industry is apparently on track to destroy… Read More

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Microsoft Rolls Out The April Xbox One Update — Here’s What’s Inside

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 05:31

 Do you have an Xbox One? It’s update time! Get excited! Well, not too excited. Moderately excited. Like the last few monthly updates, this month’s patch is mostly meant to bring in features that aren’t so much oh-my-god brand new as they are things that were surprisingly absent after the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Read More

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Google Glass Gets KitKat Support And Improved Photo Browsing, Loses Video Calls

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 03:01

 Anybody will be able to buy Google Glass tomorrow, but ahead of this, Google is giving the Glass software an update. There are a couple of new features in this update, including new tools for making working with photos easier, but Google has also decided to remove the option to do video calls from Glass for the time being. Read More

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Microsoft Now Accepts Universal Windows Apps As Its Insta-OEM Kit For Windows Phone Goes Live

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 02:29

 Starting today developers can now link Windows Store and Windows Phone applications to create the already-announced "universal" applications that Microsoft announced recently at its Build developer conference. Read More

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100 Tesla Model S Convertibles Are Headed To China

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 01:33

 Hold on to your hat. The Tesla Model S is about to get more breezy thanks to a drop-top conversion by Newport Convertible Engineering. Both hard and soft top conversions are now available -- they don't come cheap, though. A soft-top conversion costs $29K and a hard-top $49K. Plus, the buyer has to supply the Tesla Model S. But, once converted, there's no question that you'll have the raddest… Read More

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Amid Reports Facebook Is Eyeing Up Financial Services, TransferWise Hits £1 Billion In Transfers

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 01:00

 In the midst of reports that Facebook could be about to get into financial services, one of the startups it's rumoured to have talked to, the European P2P money transfer service TransferWise, has hit a major milestone today: Its platform has processed £1 billion of customers' money. Read More

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Entertainment Deals Take Center Stage In LA’s Burgeoning VC Scene

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 00:41

 A string of big acquisitions, public offerings, and a pipeline of growing young startup companies has venture investors saying "I love L.A." The recent acquisitions of Maker Studios and Oculus VR, as well as the planned public offering for TrueCar that's finally going through, all point to a healthy investment ecosystem, but there's still one industry that rules over Tinseltown: that's… Read More

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Social TV App Zeebox Relaunches As Beamly

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 00:22

Zeebox, the app co-founded by former BBC iPlayer exec Anthony Rose, has rebranded and relaunched its social TV app for consumers as Beamly. The new version of the app still has all the same live-chat functionality and screen sync technology that came with Zeebox, but the team has enhanced Beamly to be relevant to users even when they’re not watching their favorite shows. To do that, Beamly… Read More

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Meet TrustTheVote, A Project To Make Voting Open Source And Transparent

Techcrunch - mar, 15.04.2014 - 00:17

 How was your last voting experience? Smooth? Perhaps not. The Open Source Election Technology Foundation wants to change that by making voting simpler and more transparent. Its chief effort, called TrustTheVote, is a push to develop airtight, open-source vote casting and tabulation software that can be paired with off-the-shelf hardware. Open source code and off-the-shelf plastic mean that… Read More

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