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Meta 1 Augmented Reality Glasses Are Dragging Us Into A VR Future

il y a 1h 30 min

 Meta — which recently presented at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 — today began to ship the final version of its Meta 1 Augmented Reality glasses. The 1,500 members of the company’s Pioneer Developer Program will be the lucky (and patient) recipients of the glasses and the accompanying SDK. I say patient, because this shipment is the culmination of Meta’s original… Read More

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Shippo Raises $2 Million To Provide A Shipping API For E-Commerce Businesses

il y a 1h 43 min

 A startup called Shippo wants to provide those online retailers with a lower-cost alternative to their existing shipping practices. It does this by hooking into existing e-commerce solutions like Shopify, as well as by providing an API that can be used by retailers to simplify and automate the process of shipping items. Read More

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After $2M In Pre-Orders, Osmo Starts Shipping Its Hardware-Based iPad Game For Kids, Rolls Out Customization Features

il y a 1h 43 min

 Osmo, the gaming device from former Googlers that combines real world play and the iPad, is now shipping after receiving $2 million in pre-orders, including those from over 2,000 schools. The company is also announcing this morning a new platform that will allow anyone to design games for Osmo. At launch, this lets parents, teachers, and others customize Osmo’s word game with their… Read More

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Reveal Chat For iOS Helps You Build Real, Social Connections Via Anonymous Chat

il y a 1h 50 min

 Offering a different spin on anonymous mobile chatting, Seattle-based Reveal Chat is debuting an app today that lets its users share more with the other party as they become more comfortable with the person they’ve connected with on the other end of the screen. Founded by a pair of ex-Amazonians, the startup is backed by a number of high-profile investors, including former Facebook… Read More

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Mind Candy Slims Down Ahead Of Major New Mobile Push

il y a 2h 11 min

 Mind Candy, the company behind the Moshi Monsters web game for kids, has in the past been considered one of the breakout successes of the UK startup and gaming world. But while it continues to extend its life as a licensing gangbuster — with every incarnation of possible merchandise — it is clearly going through the bumpy ride of shifting toward the mobile future. TechCrunch has… Read More

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Chat Center Goes Freemium As It Passes One Million Downloads

il y a 2h 22 min

 Chat Center, a universal chat application, is taking a page from the social media playbook and now selling premium names on its service. This allows users to create names like “taxi,” “iPhone,” and “folgerscrystalsdontcausecancer…” for a price. The company has collected over 50 million trademarked words and has added them to a list of premium names… Read More

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Convo Brings Chat To Its iOS And Android Apps

il y a 2h 25 min

 Enterprise social network Convo has finally brought chat from its desktop and web apps to mobile. Today, the company is rolling out a new version of its app for iOS and Android that significantly changes its look while bringing real-time chat to its users when they aren’t sitting at their desks. Read More

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Twilio Adds Low-Cost, Two-Way MMS Picture Messaging To Its API Cloud

il y a 2h 36 min

 Twilio, the San Francisco-based company that currently works with around half a million developers to integrate text messaging, voice and VoIP services into their apps by way of a set of simple APIs, is today adding a new feature into its artillery that taps into some of the most popular uses for smartphones today. It is launching MMS picture messaging. Twilio MMS will work on all standard… Read More

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Apple Adds Bundles And Previews To Give App Developers More Ways To Reach An Audience

il y a 3h 33 min

 The App Store has often been criticized for limiting discoverability, but Apple has armed developers with new promotional tools with the release of iOS 8 that should help them get their stuff in front of more potential customers. App Previews are short videos that devs can use to show their software in action, which occupy the first slot in the screenshot section of an app description, and… Read More

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Campus Job Connects Companies With Students For Part-Time Work

il y a 4h 31 min

 College students are constantly battling between two goals: getting good grades and proving they’re ready for the real world. Combining those two goals, however, can be really difficult for the student with a demanding schedule. That’s where Campus Job comes in. Campus Job is a platform built by Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman after they graduated from University of Pennsylvania in… Read More

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CloudFlare’s New Keyless SSL Could Unlock Cloud For Financial Institutions

il y a 4h 42 min

 Financial institutions crave cloud scalability, but have been reluctant to jump on the cloud bandwagon because of security concerns. In particular, they have been hesitant to expose their precious SSL keys to the open internet. The key identifies them as a financial institution and lets the other party know they can accept or send funds. As you can imagine, they don’t ever want… Read More

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Dice Wants To Be The First Gig Ticketing Giant That Music Fans Adore

il y a 4h 43 min

 UK music ticketing startup Dice, launching today in London on iOS and Android, is looking to tear up the traditional ticket buying process by ripping out booking fees and sending the middleman up in virtual smoke. The KLF would surely be proud. Read More

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Anki Drive Comes To Android, Drops In Price To $149.99

il y a 4h 43 min

 Anki Drive, the slot-car racing game for the mobile era, is finally launching on Android and dropping in price just in time for the holiday shopping season. Sometime in October, Anki Drive shed its iOS exclusivity and will launch on Android and work with select Android phones. Available today, the Starter Kit now costs just $149.99 from, and it will be available at Amazon, Apple… Read More

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Apple Explores Bone Conducting, Noise Cancelling EarPod Design

il y a 5h 6 min

 Apple has a new patent application (via AppleInsider) that describes incorporating bone conduction tech into its EarPods, as well as packing them with sensors for better noise cancellation. The sensors include accelerometers to detect vibration in a wearer’s skull while they’re talking, and is able to then identify speech and filter out other ambient noises that classify as non-vocal. Read More

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BlackBerry Tries Again With The Porsche Design P’9983 Smartphone

il y a 5h 16 min

 Not to be outdone by the new iPhones or Galaxy Notes, BlackBerry is shouting “me too!” with the introduction of a new smartphone. Meet the Porsche Design P’9983, a slightly re-skined and re-worked BlackBerry Q10 with a 3.1-inch touchscreen. Don’t be fooled by the swanky Porsche Design exterior. This is a Ford Fiesta with a Porsche 911 body. Inside the Porsche Design… Read More

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Red Hat Buys FeedHenry For $82M To Add Mobile App Development To Its Platform

il y a 5h 22 min

 Some big news today for Red Hat, the open source company that provides a platform for application development and other platform as a service solutions: It is buying FeedHenry, an Ireland-based provider of a platform for mobile app developers, specifically for enterprises to build apps. In a statement on the acquisition, Red Hat says it will be paying €63.5 million ($82 million) in cash… Read More

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‘Airbnb For Home-Cooked Meals’ Startup EatWith Raises $8 Million From Greylock

il y a 6h 13 min

 Founded in 2012 by Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz, EatWith provides a marketplace that connects diners and hosts, creating a unique social experience where guests get to know one another while also eating an authentic, home-cooked meal. Read More

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Ping Identity Picks Up $35M Led By KKR

il y a 6h 13 min

 Ping Identity, a company that works in the enterprise identity space as you might imagine, has raised $35 million, led by KKR, with participation by new investor Ten Eleven, along with a number of prior investors. The funding, as the company was somewhat excited to point out, brings its total fundraising to date to $110 million. Ping hasn’t had much trouble raising, in other words. Read More

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Seedcamp Invests In 11 New Startups After Its Annual Event

il y a 6h 14 min

 European ‘venture accelerator’ Seedcamp has announced it has made 11 new investments, out of the 21 drawn from around Europe that pitched at their annual event in London last week. It made 11 investments, 7 directly from Seedcamp Week applicants, and 4 from the new Seedcamp Fund. The companies are: ● Carbon Voyage, London, UK – “Creating technology that makes… Read More

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Apple’s Tim Cook Does Some Security Straight Talking

il y a 15h 18 min

 Today, Apple’s Tim Cook posted a letter announcing a new security page on the company’s website, publishing some fairly plain-language security talk. There’s some solid language here that is clearly designed to allay fears about the way that Apple protects user data in the wake of the celebrity nude hacking incidents. Cook’s words: We believe in telling you up front… Read More

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