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Snapdeal Gets Backing From Tata Figurehead In India’s Hot E-Commerce Market

il y a 1h 41 min

 On the heels of Flipkart raising an eye-popping $1 billion, here’s one more sign of the landgrab going on in the Indian e-commerce market today. Its rival Snapdeal has raised yet more outside investment, for the third time this year, this time from Ratan Tata, the chairman emeritus of Indian conglomerate Tata Group. The amount is undisclosed but we are trying to find out (and will… Read More

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Fleep, The Team Messaging App Built And Funded By Ex-Skypers, Flicks Monetization Switch

il y a 2h 35 min

 Fleep, the team messaging app built and backed by a number of ex-Skype engineers, is flicking the monetisation switch today. A year after launching as a free public beta, the Estonian startup is introducing a freemium revenue model. Read More

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MIX for Android Lets You Create And Save Custom Photo Filters

il y a 4h 58 min

 MIX for Android is the app for you if you often feel like Goldilocks when confronted with the filters in other photo-editing apps. Not only does MIX let you edit photos, but it also allows you to create custom filters, which you can then save to use again. MIX, now available for free on Google Play, is the latest product from Camera360, which has already gained 300 million users with its… Read More

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Google To Open Campus For Startups In Seoul

il y a 6h 26 min

 Google will open a new space for entrepreneurs in Seoul, the company announced today. Called a Campus, it will include co-working spaces, programs like Campus for Moms, CampusEDU, and office hours with Google employees. The Seoul location is Google’s first Campus in Asia. Read More

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European Travel Planner Platform, GoEuro, Pulls In Another $27M For Regional Expansion

il y a 7h 34 min

 Berlin-based multi-mode travel planner platform GoEuro has closed a $27 million Series A funding round led by New Enterprise Associates, seven months on from topping up its seed funding with a multi-million dollar cash injection. The funding will be targeted at market expansion and ramping up GoEuro’s rate of growth. Read More

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Pinterest Investor Fritz Lanman Working On Two Different Companies

il y a 8h 17 min

 Less than two years after selling his company Livestar to Pinterest, early Pinterest and Square investor Fritz Lanman is up to his old entrepreneurial tricks. Lanman, who continues to make angel investments and led the seed round of Class Pass, is trying out the “company builder” model, dividing his efforts between Doppler Labs, which is focused on wearable tech products, and DWNLD,… Read More

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Microsoft Promises Fix For Surface Pro 3 Overheating Issue

il y a 11h 16 min

 The issue that is causing some Surface Pro 3 devices to restart and tell users that they are overheating is an error, according to Microsoft. The company has promised a fix in short order. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet hybrid has an Intel Core i7 processor option; Microsoft says the chip requires “[its] fan to spin more regularly and at higher speeds – and for the unit to… Read More

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Facebook Hosts First Hackathon For Female Veterans

il y a 11h 27 min

 There are dozens of hackathons in Silicon Valley every month, but on Monday Facebook hosted one with a twist. Rather than the college-aged brogrammers that usually dominate the coding marathons, female veterans were the only participants at the first Women Vets in Tech event. About 30 female veterans participated in the hackathon, pitching a variety of ideas from Bohdi therapies, an app to… Read More

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PSA: HP Recalls 6 Million Laptop Cables Because They Could Start Fires

il y a 11h 51 min

 Are you using an HP laptop? Quick — take a look at its power cord. Specifically, the part that connects from the power brick to the wall. If it says “LS-15″ on it, you might need to stop using the cable and get it replaced (though, confusingly, some “LS-15″-marked cables are fine.) According to an alert from the US Consumer Safety Product Commission and confirmed… Read More

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This Is Not The iPhone 6.

il y a 12h 26 min

But it is the hardest I’ve laughed all month. Read More

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Hands-On With Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New Video Creation App

il y a 12h 40 min

 Instagram has just launched a brand new standalone app called Hyperlapse, which focuses entirely on mobile video creation. The app looks dead simple, but is actually doing a lot in the background. When you first open Hyperlapse, you’ll go through a very quick tutorial and are then sent straight into a full-screen camera. The button on the bottom starts and stops recording. Once you… Read More

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Seagate Ships An 8 Terabyte Hard Drive, Perfect For All Of Your Totally Legal And Not Pirated Stuff

il y a 13h 9 min

 Around a decade ago, I spent a few days piecing together a 1TB networked storage device. It wrecked my then-teenage savings, but I didn’t care; with 1TB under my command, I was the coolest kid on the block (there… weren’t a lot of kids on my block.) Today, Seagate is announcing a hard drive with 8x the capacity of my little project — a full 8 terabytes. When it ships… Read More

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As Samsung Falters, An Opening For Startups

il y a 13h 34 min

 In the smash-hit movie Roaring Currents, Korea’s naval hero Admiral Yi-Sun Sin defends Korea from an invading Japanese imperial navy, single-handedly using his ship to hold off their advance in a treacherous current that today is considered one of the great naval battles of all time. Read More

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VR Gives Game Developers A Chance To Take Streaming Time From Twitch

mar, 26.08.2014 - 23:54

 The emergence of virtual reality over the next few years offers game developers an opening to take some of that streaming time back from Twitch by providing game spectators a far more immersive view of games than is available today. Read More

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Snapchat Raising A New Round From KPCB At A $10B Valuation

mar, 26.08.2014 - 23:33

 The rumors are flying around vanishing messaging app Snapchat, both on and off Secret. We too are hearing that Microsoft and Snapchat are in acquisition talks, though we can’t really grok why they would be, other than that the situation would make a great plot point in the inevitable Snapchat movie (“The Sexting Network”?). Read More

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Facebook Hires The Team From WaveGroup Sound, An Audio Production Company

mar, 26.08.2014 - 23:17

 Facebook has made an interesting acquisition, having picked up WaveGroup Sound, an audio production company headquartered in Burlingame, Calif., that specializes in sound for games, and that produced tracks for the Guitar Hero series, as well as Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution titles. It also makes sounds for many startups, hardware devices and mobile apps. Read More

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Uber Gave Contractors Burner Phones And Credit Cards To Create Fake Lyft Accounts And Recruit Drivers

mar, 26.08.2014 - 22:47

 A post on the Verge today shows how Uber gave a group of contractors burner phones and a series of credit cards that could be used to create dummy accounts on its competitor’s service. Those contractors, which it calls “brand ambassadors,” were hired through a recruiting firm with the express purpose of stealing away Lyft drivers. Read More

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Hands-On With Bublcam’s Spherical Video Camera

mar, 26.08.2014 - 22:23

 We had Bublcam CEO Sean Ramsay stop by the office to show off the current version of the device, which is available for preorder for $579. In our demo, we used the Bublcam to stream a live video, take a selfie, and record footage from around the office. Operating the camera with one button is easy once you know how long you need to press it for each function, and the color-changing LEDs let… Read More

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Someone Keeps Sending Us Fake Tips About Path

mar, 26.08.2014 - 22:18

 Someone very desperately wants TechCrunch to write about Path. Over the past few weeks, we’ve received over half a dozen tips about layoffs, visitors from China in the office, an Alibaba “partnership,” potential acquirers and more. The funny thing is, none of these things seem to be true. For starters, the company outright denies it – on the record. Other sources… Read More

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Google Adds 152 Patents To Its Non-Assertion Pledge

mar, 26.08.2014 - 21:35

 Back in 2013, Google announced its plans to not sue anybody who had implemented open-source versions of its MapReduce algorithm. Since then, the company has expanded what it calls its “Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge” to a number of other patents. Today it is announcing its largest expansion of this program to date, with the addition of 152 additional patents. This brings the… Read More

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