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Cartoon: Fit in Typography?

il y a 8 hours 5 min
Are you a professional designer or developer? If you are I am sure you got your dander up more than once on these people poaching on your stamping ground while not even having a hunting license. I know that I do frequently. When I see what some “professionals” call professional tears roll from my eyes. The “professional” in today’s cartoon seems to think that typography is somehow related to painting faces. Well, if you think long enough, there is some kind of reason behind that thought. But it is nevertheless wrong… By the way, we have more cartoons for you here.* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Vorlon.js: Focus on DOM Explorer

8 octobre, 2015 - 14:00
In April 2015, our team of engineers and tech evangelists at Microsoft released vorlon.js—an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. This article is the first in a series that will take a detailed look at one specific feature, starting with one of the biggest: the DOM Explorer. Overview If you’re not familiar with vorlon.js, I recommend first reading this blog post, which explains why we made vorlon.js and how to use it. You’ll find additional vorlon.js information at the end of this article. The DOM inspector shows you the DOM of the remote webpage. You can inspect the DOM, clicking on nodes will highlight them in the host webpage, and if you select one you can also view and modify its CSS properties. Installing Vorlon.js Just as a reminder, here is what you have to do to use Vorlon.js: Install and run the Vorlon.JS server from npm: $ npm i -g vorlon $ vorlon Once Vorlon.js is done installing, you can now run the server: $ vorlon The Vorlon server is running With the server is running, open http://localhost:1337 in your browser to see the Vorlon.js dashboard. The last step is to enable Vorlon.js by adding this script tag to your app: […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Five Reasons Why Video on Websites is a Good Idea

7 octobre, 2015 - 10:00
An image is worth a thousand words. This is even truer when it comes to moving pictures. Written content in many cases is not sufficient to gain attention in the world wide web. Videos have become a matter of course and people no longer only share them on YouTube but also on social networks such as Facebook. Have you ever thought about using video for your website? We have five reasons to show you that this is actually a good idea. Videos Convey Content Easily Complex correlations are not easy to convey. Videos can simplify the task considerably. Long articles tend to turn off a lot of people even though they might be enriched with images and charts. „Brandenburger Tor” in Motion Animations and other motion picture elements not only help support understanding but also leaven the atmosphere. Videos need not be produced with a lot of effort and money. Videos that explain complex correlations or technical details benefit from getting enriched with additional material. Stock videos are a great supplement here. Stock providers such as Bigstock, originally being known for their large portfolios of stock photography, have extended their offerings to cover video in high resolutions too. Most of […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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5 Ways to Make Your Site Rock on the Modern Web (…and Microsoft Edge too)

6 octobre, 2015 - 14:00
Edge is Microsoft’s new web browser sporting a new rendering engine – EdgeHTML – and an underlying OS to boot in Windows 10. Since upgrades from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will be free for most, you can expect a huge influx of Edge users hitting sites in the coming months. Edge is a departure from the past, actually to complete rewrite from past versions of Internet Explorer and I’m sure many web devs will welcome that. With that in-mind, I wanted to share five ways in which you can prepare your site for modern web interoperability and also test for Microsoft Edge in parallel. #1: Update your JavaScript Libraries Common libraries like jQuery are often updated to address bugs when new browser versions are released. By simply updating your JS frameworks, you can avoid many compatibility bugs with Edge. In our internal research we found that 57% of the top 20,000 sites are using JavaScript frameworks that have issues that have been fixed in newer versions of the same library. You can use the site scanner to determine if you are using out of date JavaScript frameworks on your sites. #2: Avoid CSS Prefixes CSS prefixes are used by browser vendors […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Simbla: Responsive Websites Made Easy

6 octobre, 2015 - 10:00
Thanks to numerous website builders and homepage generators you can quickly and easily click together a website. You wouldn’t even need to know HTML, CSS or JavaScript to do so. More often than not these offerings lack in many ways. Not only does the quality of design feel poor, but its technical qualities are also inferior. Simbla is different. It is a website builder for pros and laymen alike. Professional will like the possibility to use their HTML skill set while the amateur will drag and drop his way to his website. Sites created with Simbla are responsive and thus suitable for display on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Simbla Lets You Start With a Template or an Empty Page Once you have created a free account over at the Simbla website builder, you can create your first website right away. If you are looking for a fast solution, you may want to choose one of the many free templates. All the templates are equipped with demo content and provide a live preview. That way you can quickly judge whether the chosen template will fit your expectations in terms of design and functionality. Templates are targeted to specific […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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IBM BlueMix Cloud Contest: Are You a Real JavaScript and Node.js Pro?

5 octobre, 2015 - 15:00
Do you like yourself a good challenge? Do you feel like a real JavaScript pro? Is node.js in your veins? If so, IBM has a more than interesting contest for you. Although it has already started, it still makes sense to participate. Did I mention that you can win a few interesting tech gadgets? IBM BlueMix: Digital Platform for Innovation As a developer of the next big thing you never know. Will my service explode in terms of users or will I be the only one producing load on my server? Scalable platforms are the way to go in these cases. IBM offers its BlueMix package which integrates the best-known Open Source technologies to support your development efforts. You have access to MongoDB, PostGreSQL, node.js and then some. New integrations are added frequently. BlueMix lets you quickly and easily set up mobile as well as cloud apps based on building blocks and individualized through code snippets. Once done you can deploy the app and install and run it from the cloud. IBM is constantly improving the service. The next effort will be opening up the platform to be extended through user-developed services. BlueMix is definitely worth a closer look should […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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20 Awesome Logo Inspirations of Today

5 octobre, 2015 - 10:00
The creation of a logo is subject to very specific rules. You are well-advised to put a thorough amount of time into researching and evaluating the trends and techniques of the moment. A logo will always have to be created as a timeless offering, however. Noone wants to change logos according to zeitgeist. So don’t be too avant-garde. To help you stay updated, we have put together a collection of fresh logo designs of today. Enjoy! Mebius / Visual identity Created by: Andriy Bondar Style: Lines Animal Logos Created by: Tom Anders Watkins Style: Gradients Kids’ Dentist Created by: Graforidza Style: Double Meaning Cookies for Dogs Created by: dima je Style: Double Meaning LuckyTurn Media Sketch Created by: Arnas Goldberg Style: First Draft Trinity Design / Visual identity Created by: Andriy Bondar Style: 3D Lammtara Created by: Ameermagdy Style: Character BeefCut Butchery Created by: Simone Rossum Style: Double Meaning PrintHero Created by: Kliment Style: Character Moon Photography Created by: phuongkani168 Style: Lines Mitch Loewenherz Created by: mitchloewenherz Style: Character Simple Systems Created by: Fedot Style: Simplification Emma Created by: Nikita Prokhorov Style: Double Meaning The Land Contour Created by: Yoga Perdana Style: Texture Dynamic Dust Created by: Alex Tass Style: […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Raygun: Affordable Crash Reporting for Any App

4 octobre, 2015 - 23:38
The job of developers is great. They are always creating something new. Whether it is a web app based on PHP or a mobile app for iOS or Android or just about any other thinkable app for devices out there, coding is universal. On the downside, errors are universal too. Chasing errors is the part of the job any developer just hates. This will change once you discover Raygun. Raygun chases down all the errors for you, even before you or the users of your app have had the chance to notice they exist. Welcome to a dream come true. Raygun: Your Future Weapon Today Raygun itself is developed in New Zealand. Should you ever have had the chance to visit this great country, you will know that out of New Zealand anything seems possible. Raygun, the crash reporting solution for just about any app you might ever want to develop is a proof for that. Digging up and eliminating errors in software projects cannot be a lot easier. The process is simple. Raygun provides an API and a large flock of libraries for a large bunch of supported languages. Once you’ve signed up for an account you get access […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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How to Build a Web Game in an Hour

2 octobre, 2015 - 14:00
You don’t need an entirely new skill set to develop games. In fact, your current Web development skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and so on are just fine for a wide range of games. When you build a game with Web technologies, it will run on pretty much any device with a browser. To prove this, I’ll demonstrate building a game from scratch using Web technologies and just two external libraries, and I’ll do it in less than one hour. I’ll cover a variety of game development topics, from basic design and layout, controls and sprites, to arti­ficial intelligence (AI) for a simple opponent. I’m even going to develop the game so it works on PCs, tablets and smartphones. If you have some experience with programming as a Web developer or another development domain, but no experience writing games, this article will get you started. If you give me one hour, I promise to show you the ropes. Get Up and Running I’ll do all development in Visual Studio, which will allow fast execution of the Web app as I make changes. Be sure to have the latest version of Visual Studio so you can follow along. I used Visual […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Cartoon: Photoshop Magic Galore

2 octobre, 2015 - 10:00
Clients tend to think Photoshop is not just very easy to handle but also almost capable of anything you want it to be. All of that with a few simple mouse clicks of course. The creative industry is not without guilt, however. Hollywood blockbusters shift the limits on a daily basis and anything seems possible. Our craft certainly has its limits. Today’s cartoon shows you one of these. Have fun… Phew. I’d really like to see that. The idea to this cartoon came from our dear reader and web designer Ranja who swore that she really heard that demand from a client. Awesome! By the way, we have more cartoons for you here.* You might also be interested in the following articles
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123ContactForm Satisfies Your Every Form Need

1 octobre, 2015 - 10:00
Before you stop reading because of the name 123ContactForm, keep calm and carry on. They have a lot more different form types in store than just simple contact forms. You can even build a purchase form with a payment provider glued to it. Let’s taker a closer look, shall we? 123ContactForm: Whatever Form Your Heart Desires I admit that I did not know 123ContactForms before I did the research for this article. As a designer, I should probably have known them before. But accept my apologies as I am generally not involved in too many projects requiring elaborate form functionality. What I can promise is, that I will be much more likely to throw in a form or two in any given project as I have learned how easy and uncomplicated this can be done using 123ContactForm. Besides more or less simple contact forms, you can create order forms, event registrations, online surveys, quizzes, polls, job applications, file up- and downloads and lots more. There is nothing form-related that cannot be done. All of this is achieved by using a powerful real-time form editor that saves you from having to fiddle with code. If you insist, you can always fiddle […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Responsive Web Design: Where Do We Go From Here?

30 septembre, 2015 - 21:25
I had the great pleasure of delivering the closing keynote at Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint. Held in Brighton, UK on 19 June 2015, the conference is a gathering of designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques, and experiences with responsive web design.Here’s what I had to say. „Today has provided an amazing tour of the world of responsive design. We’ve seen how to level-up our workflows and processes. We’ve learned new ways to improve the accessibility of our products. We’ve grappled with modern CSS and HTML capabilities that help us embrace the hugely variable display sizes that swirl and whirl around us. We’ve explored the future of modular code and browsers’ capacity for working without network connectivity. And we’ve even taken a trip into the possible future of where the web might go. We’ve come a long way since Ethan’s article, fluid grids, flexible media, and media queries. Those three tenets sowed a seed that has grown and flourished as we have come to better understand the implications of device proliferation. We’ve seen that the web is capable of going anywhere and doing pretty much anything. I would argue that “Responsive Web Design” was the first article that really […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Bushel: Unexpensive Mobile Device Management Made Easy

29 septembre, 2015 - 15:00
If your small organization uses Apple products in a decentralized environment, you will already have encountered a bunch of problems. How can you make sure that all the devices run the necessary apps, got the relevant settings and secure your company data? Sounds familiar? Bushel, a fresh service created by industry veteran JAMF Software, wants to help you with its straight-forward, almost intuitive approach. Bushel: Set Atop of Apple’s Mobile Device Management Capabilities Bushel makes deploying and administering Apple devices fast and easy. Be aware that, when I say Apple products, I mean it. There is no way to manage other devices. Bushel concentrates on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Apple Watch might be supported one day, but today is not. While you can use the Mobile Device Management (MDM) from any modern browser, also on Windows and elsewhere, you will not be able to manage hardware not build by our friends from Cupertino. But if you are dedicated to the OSX and iOS ecosystem anyway and got more than one Apple device to keep in sync and up to date, Bushel is well worth taking note of. Bushel is based on the Mobile Device Management capabilities Apple has in store […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Deal of the Week: Trend Font Family Bargained Away

28 septembre, 2015 - 10:00
I like this vintage retro look with slight reminiscences to stonewashed clothing. Our Deal of the Week has a whole family of 20 different fonts following that trend. These typefaces are so trendy, they are even named Trend. Besides all the cletters and numbers there four dingbats fonts featuring ornaments, words and general dingbat symbols included. This font family offers a wholesale solution for any retro project. All the Best in Short Words Get three large font families in one with Trend, Trend Hand Made and Trend Rough, each featuring loads of typeface variations. The Trend Font Family was created as a group of layers using a sans and slab font as the base. Beautifully fashionable, Trend seamlessly integrates elements of fashion in a popular and current trend-worthy manner. With so many different weights and styles (including Italics, Sans and Slab versions), this collection features 20 unique fonts in total! Add even more elegance to your designs with a variety of Trend Rough Ornaments. Use Trend Rough Words to share common and popular words in a preset design. You’ll even get a set of Trend Rough Dingbats to finish off your project in total style. This is How it Looks […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Cartoon: If Web Designers Were Pilots … [009]

25 septembre, 2015 - 10:00
People working in the web design and development industry need to become thick-skinned over the years if they intend to survive long term. I am in this business since web design got invented in the early Nineties, and I sure know what I’m talking about when it comes to the hidden secrets of client communication. My remedy these days is laughing. I refuse to get angry anymore. Instead, I make fun of the situations that only a few years ago made me want to hire a professional killer. There are quite a few people out there who are only still alive for the fact I couldn’t afford to pay one. Nah, just joking. As making fun of it all is the healthiest way to cope with it, we decided to start a new cartoon series titled “If Web Designers Were” here at Noupe. This is part nine. Hope you enjoy it… If Web Designers Were Pilots Clients tend to approach a design project very differently from what you as a designer would expect. That relates to their perception of prices but stretches across many other aspects too. The one big common reasons aka problem behind the whole bunch of peculiarities […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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10 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make

24 septembre, 2015 - 17:00
There seem to be endless choices regarding how to accomplish the same task – to develop a website that works in today’s modern web. Web developers have to choose a web hosting platform and underlying data storage, which tools to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in, how design will be implemented, and what potential JavaScript libraries/frameworks to include. Once choices are narrowed down, the online world is filled with articles, forums, and samples that provide tips for making a better web experience. Yet no matter which path is taken, all developers are susceptible to mistakes. Although some mistakes will be related to a specific approach, there are challenges shared among all web developers. So through research, experience, and recent observations, I thought I would share a list I compiled of ten common mistakes I see web developers make – and how to avoid them. The following list is in no particular order. 1)  Writing Old School HTML Mistake: The early days of the internet had much fewer options for markup than we do today. However, old habits die hard, and many still write their HTML as if we were still in the 20th century. Examples here are using <table> elements for layout , <span> or <div> elements […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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15 Best Practices of Mobile App Landing Pages

23 septembre, 2015 - 15:00
No one likes to be overwhelmed by data (textual or multimedia) or graphics. Smart and compact arrangements in collaboration with an optimal balance between those two are what is needed to successfully win customers, especially when it comes to promoting upcoming digital products. Apps that are created to work on cell phones and tablets look great and consistent on various platforms and screens. To see this firsthand take a glance at our fresh collection of excellent examples of mobile app landing pages. Find some inspiration or derive a few design patterns for your next website. Mylo Mylo’s landing page exudes an image of purity, elegance, and fashion. Light coloring in collaboration with a vast amount of white space lets us quickly identify its first priorities. Thus, CTA buttons and vigilantly animated gif of an app routine enclosed in stylish highly realistic white iPhone mockup are natural eye catchers. Moovris The first thing that strikes the eye is a mobile device with a neatly incorporated dynamic walkthrough. Thanks to vibrant, simply beautiful coloring and flat style, the front page bolsters brand identity and has got a refined and sophisticated appearance.   Coop Coop goes for a professionally-crafted cartoonish style that gives […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Remotely Debug and Test JavaScript Using the New Vorlon.JS Plugins

22 septembre, 2015 - 18:00
In April 2015, our team of engineers and tech evangelists at Microsoft launched Vorlon.js — an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. When we launched the project during the Microsoft Build Developer Conference keynote, we had only three plugins: the DOM Explorer, the Interactive Console and Modernizr. We knew at this time that the key to the success for a project such as Vorlon is the quantity and quality of plugins. When you want to debug your website, you do not want to do much complicated things. You just want to pick the correct plugin and get the correct information. This is why we made this project open source. We know you have a lot of ideas to provide great debug experiences to web developers. So… 2 months, 66 pull requests, 78 issues and 547 commits later: we are proud to announce that we (YOU and the team) just released Vorlon.js version 0.0.15! You can get it by either cloning our GitHub repository or installing it using npmcommand tool (npm install –g vorlon). Note: if you are still wondering what Vorlon.js is, please read this article from David Catuhe first. Let’s have a look at […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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28 Inspiring Best Practices of Responsive Web Design

21 septembre, 2015 - 17:00
Responsive web design is big. A responsive website is what you will want to create these days as responsive sites function well on any device and any resolution. No matter whether your site is viewed from a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer, your content will always be easily digestible. But with an universal availabilty and a self-adjusting look, what secures a positive visual experience. Responsive web sites are much harder to be made awesome as control over most of the design is very limited. We have roamed the web to bring you a whole lot of best practices. This is how a modern responsive design is able to look like. Get inspired… Best Practices of Responsive Design The following article concentrates on great examples created by professional designers and agencies from all over the world. Some of these beauties convince with interesting concepts in user interface design. We encourage you to actually visit these sites to make sure you don’t miss the best part. For those in a hurry we have used Am I Responsive to produce a screenshot collage of any given site. In some cases the service was not able to create this preview. Check these […]* You might also be interested in the following articles
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Cartoon: Less Opacity

18 septembre, 2015 - 10:00
Designers have class. They don’t just talk; they express themselves in the right way at the right time. Even for simpler needs do they find the right words. Today’s cartoon has an excellent example of designers’ elegance. Have fun… Come on. We have to admit that this is a very elegant way to ask for such an instincts related option. I am a bit unsure whether the sales woman can understand it, however. But regardless, this is a select way of asking. Can we come up with more examples of designers’ secret language fitting everyday situations? Share them in the comments! By the way, we have more cartoons for you here.* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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