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Responsive Web Design: How to Find the Right Photos

il y a 2 hours 49 min
The Web – open space for any web designer out there. Today’s and even more so tomorrow’s web is one big challenge for our industry. Web sites are supposed to adapt seamlessly to any screen size with any aspect ratio on any device. Desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones are only the beginning. No one knows what kind of device will be popular next year. On the other end of the spectrum, high definition displays are growing in popularity. What results from this is a balancing act in many ways. One of the more prominent challenges is the choice of adequate images. Images that work fine on a smartphone as well as on a UHD display. Today’s article will focus this problem to help you choose the right photos for responsive web design. Details – When Less is More Conventional devices such as desktops or notebooks allow for a regular display of pictures in any resolution. Even the most detailed images are readily perceptible to the visitor’s eye. On tablets and more so smartphones, this is an entirely different story. The larger the image, the more significant the difference when this picture has to be scaled down to smartphone dimensions. It […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Energize Bootstrap: 12 Fresh Free Themes, PSD Templates, Code Snippets

2 septembre, 2015 - 15:00
Among numerous free and premium frameworks that are used to provide web projects with a solid and reliable base, Twitter Bootstrap is considered to be one of the most attractive and viable options. With an excellent structure that is simple and straightforward to every tech-savvy person and a quite vast potential, the boilerplate allows prototyping absolutely different websites starting from simple one-column blog and ending with a multi-column e-store that will treat multimedia as well as dish up content in a proper way. A significant benefit of this system is its mobile-first approach that deals with numerous issues concerning responsiveness without a hitch and in no time. The foundation is a perfect choice for those of you who prefer to focus more on design aspect rather than on functionality. It does all the heavy lifting, providing artists with a plenty of time for decorating and tidying up an appearance of a project. What’s more, let us not forget about such vital advantage as the availability of a ton of free and paid third-party plugins, components, code snippets and themes that are regularly created by the dev community. They significantly enhance and enrich Bootstrap-powered websites as well as extend their possibilities. […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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How to be an Efficient and Happy Freelancer

1 septembre, 2015 - 15:00
Being a freelancer is a great thing and good fun. It’s full of pitfalls though that can cost a lot of time – time that could be invested better. It’s up to you whether you want to get more things done with the same effort or just enjoy the free time. Our practical tips will help you to optimize your freelancing experience. Enjoying life as a freelancer requires only some minor changes, which, however, can be crucial for your new efficiency. Before We Start: Defining Efficiency What does efficiency mean in this context? I would describe it as the absence of disturbing factors. Each time you are interrupted in your work, you have to read up on the topic again, which costs unnecessary time. Therefore, I would recommend eliminating all disturbing factors while working if possible. Mute your telephone and cell phone, shut the door, tell your family you’re busy (if you work from home), etc. Only if all disturbing factors are eliminated, other tips can come into effect. Set Up Your Workspace Most freelancers work in their four walls. This is a great thing, but if you use your entire home as an office, it will be hard to draw […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Deal of the Week: 150+ Vintage Logos at a Vintage Price

28 août, 2015 - 15:00
One thing’s for certain, designers can never have enough logos! And that’s the topic this week’s Deal of the Week handles perfectly. Following you’ll find more than 150 new vintage logos, badges and labels to add to your collection. All are 100% vectors and include AI, PSD and EPS files, so you can edit, customize and resize any of them to your liking. Executive Summary or TLDR Beef up your logo library with this fabulous bundle of 150+ professional logos! This high-quality collection includes vintage logos, badges, labels and crests to help you create the perfect deliverables for your clients! All logos are easy to edit and customize using layered AI, PSD and EPS files. With 100% vectors, there’s no worry at all about quality issues when you scale these images up or down in size. Fonts used in all logs are based on free fonts, available for personal use. Whether you whip up an elegant logo or a grunge-type badge, this collection is spot-on perfect for T-shirts, labels, prints, websites, illustrations and more. Mix and match these logos to create all sorts of unique results! This is What You’ll Get Pricing: Normally, this graphic bundle sells for $62, but […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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15 Code Snippets for Timelines

27 août, 2015 - 15:00
Remember all those personal portfolios that present an artist in a unique and eye-pleasing manner. Those that breathe with modernity and originality, instantly capture the attention and make you stay. Well, today we are going to replenish your toolkit with some excellent, fast and clean code snippets that spice up your personal portfolio with one of the integral elements of such projects: a dynamic and captivating timeline. Actually, if you delve into any of these projects you will see that there is nothing supernatural or extraordinary. The majority has the same basic 4/5-page structure and standard information hierarchy (including bio, services, portfolio, and contacts). What does actually make a difference is an individual and creative approach to every section. As a rule, it implies improving each integral part through some latest techniques and tricks in order to make it look interesting, captivating and even entertaining. Dynamic pie charts that demonstrate skills, fully illustrated contact forms, reinvented Google maps with extra features, animated scrollbars, responsive timelines are the most popular options. They greatly contribute to the general feeling as well as create a long-lasting first impression that is so vital in a struggle for potential customers. The great thing is that with some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS you can also […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Layers for WordPress: Creating Themes Made Easy

21 août, 2015 - 15:00
WordPress is becoming ever more popular. More and more designers are working with this content management system. At the moment, there is simply no way around it. The result is thousands of WordPress themes in the official WordPress Directory and a good framework, where specialized designers should help make the work easier. Also, novel approaches like page and site builder are increasingly coming onto the market. I want to present one of these site builders to you today. Layers for WordPress is an entirely new type; you can create a theme of your choice, or an extension simply by pointing and clicking. An intuitive interface with a lot of options gives wings to the imagination. Layers is a brand new site builder for WordPress users. It offers a simple interface that works with point and click. And yet Layers isn’t just for interested WordPress novices but also for old hands in the business. Layers is an open-source project that can be customized to your personal requirements. It is also free and can be used without constraints. Layers will incidentally be installed as a theme. Download Layers from the Layers Homepage What can you do with Layers? A lot, actually a […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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20+ Fresh and Free HTML and PSD Templates plus GUI Packs: August 2015

20 août, 2015 - 14:00
If fresh templates, GUI packs and freebies are what you were looking for, your search should come to a halt. The following resources collection picking comes full of free resources like themes and templates, user interface kits, and editable icons. Take the ones you like and go nuts! One important information before you read on: All the following elements are freely usable, though some will require a registration to download and not all are suitable for commercial use. More detailed license information is provided individually, but keep in mind that it’s always best to double-check licensing before you actually use a resource, at least commercially. Kuntitled: HTML Workspace Portfolio Theme Creator: PanKogut Features: Full responsiveness, one page template, smooth transitions, night-like dark minimal design, workspace header License: Free for personal use only Eventually: HTML5 Coming-up Website Template Creator: HTML5 UP Features: All screen size-friendly, constantly smooth-transitional background, clean and neat design, subscription form, social icons and credits upfront. License: Free for personal and commercial use, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Highlights: Free HTML5 Freelancer Web Template Creator: HTML5 UP Features: Full responsiveness, transitional effects for single-page scrolling and stationery background, appealing minimal and neat design License: Free for personal and commercial […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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20+ Fresh Free WordPress Themes: August 2015

19 août, 2015 - 16:00
Is it summer where you are? If so get down to the beach, pool or wherever you want to spend your days. Don’t read the following article. Should the weather not enable you to enjoy offline life stick with us and find inspiration in our latest list of 20+ fresh free WordPress themes, created during this summer. Seems there was quite a bit of rain worldwide. All these themes are free, though some have commercial variants available. We stated that where applicable. Enjoy! Proper Lite Creator: Modernthemes Features: Transitional header load, fully responsive, hover effects and translucid descriptions, bottom social icons, retractile right-side menu License: Free for personal or commercial use Planum Free Creator: DinevThemes Features: Full width posts tiles upfront layout, hover descriptions, Jetpack ready License: GPLv2 Cropobox Lite Creator: DinevThemes Features: Responsive, flat minimal design, infinite scroll, grid layout, rounded header image License: GPLv2 Virtue Creator: Kadence Themes Features: Showcase header, secondary product showcase, fully responsive, eCommerce support, latest posts mini grid layout License: Personal use Woodley Creator: wpmultiverse Features: Lightweight, two-column layout, quick setup, minimal style, blogging focused License: GPL Satellite Creator: Automattic Features: Left-side retractile menu  and social icons bar, single-column posts layout upfront License: GPLv2 […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Inspiration: 30 Websites in Warm Earth Tones

18 août, 2015 - 17:00
Each and every web designer out there is in search of inspiration now and then. Creativity does not run without fuel. Fortunately we don’t need to buy creative gas to fill up our tanks. Just floating around the web, looking at what others did can do wonders to your fuel gauge. Suddenly ideas start to bubble up and your creative motor gets running again. To help you spark that process we have collected a series of websites created in warm earth tones. Earth tones are shades of brown, green, blue and other natural colors. Take a walk in the forest and see them live ;-) Using these colors in a web design leads to a subtle, minimalistic, natural, organic look and feel. Enjoy our findings… 1. Groovemade 2. IMM 3. The Barstow 4. Wolf & Son 5. Wild Measure 6. Cantina Valpolicella Negrar 7. Hyperquake 8. Indigy 9. Tradestone Confections 10. Belle Epoque 11. Tilted Square 12. Andy Wolf Eyewear 13. Denise Chandler 14. Vers 15. Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli 16. Brown’s Court Bakery 17. Knuckles Industries 18. The Boerum 19. Serge Thoraval 20. Electric Pulp 21. Lucas ‘NK’ Nikitczuk 22. La Grotte Chauvet Pont d Arc 23. Wootten 24. Petersham Nurseries 25. Dishoom Bombay Café 26. The First Time 27. Space Style Concept […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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The 11 Most Important Web Design Blogs in 2015

17 août, 2015 - 15:00
Web designers and developers have to keep themselves up to date and have their finger on the pulse of the time. You can do so by reading the best blogs about web design. I want to present some blogs to you today that were trendsetters in 2014 and before and will be in 2015. They provide the latest information on everything about design as well as tips, tricks, and the best tutorials. We focused on high content quality and attached great importance on usability to make it beneficial for novices as well as professionals. Since self-praise is no recommendation, we don’t mention Noupe in this list, but of course you should take it into account ;-) The Best Web Design Blogs in 2015 I focused on the most popular blogs, which have a high Alexa rank and thousands of followers in the social media. Naturally, I also considered how often content is updated. High-quality posts and variety were important factors to me. The more people can benefit from the content, the better. Today’s article lists only international blogs in English. 1. Smashing Magazine Alexa rank: 2,256 Social media: Twitter – 902,000 followers; Facebook – 246,000 likes Post frequency: 3-5 articles […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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On Blogging and Content Marketing: 23 Free, Comprehensive Ebooks

14 août, 2015 - 09:00
Should you be among those who’d like to get started with blogging, and really mean it, you’ll certainly be happy to get one tip or another first-hand from experts. Naturally, we know that, and so we have searched the web for interesting ebooks that cover blogging and content marketing. We have found a few good ones for you, which are the result of years of trial and error turned into experience. Take these first-hand tips and knowledge and avoid the mistakes that others have already made for you. The following mix of ebooks focuses on the most important aspects of blogging and content marketing. You can find pure blogging ebooks, books on advice, those which have to do with earning money as a blogger as well as those on the organization of a blog and much more. The vast majority of ebooks is entirely free, a few require your email address to subscribe to a newsletter in return. Where you have to give your email address or register in any way is noted. Our Point 8 offers 15 books, that’s how I got 23 ebooks in total with ten sub-points. 1. How to Start a Blog How to Start a […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Deal of the Week: Spice up Your Photos Using ALCE for Photoshop

13 août, 2015 - 13:00
How’d you like to convert your photos into crisp, unique 3D versions of themselves with just a few simple clicks? It’s certainly possible, thanks to the amazing Photoshop Extension ALCE. Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer sports an easy interface that lets you adjust the radius of your image without hurting the image quality in crucial areas such as shadows and highlights. Loaded with case studies and tutorials, you won’t be at a loss at all for learning how to quickly master this amazing tool. And it is exactly this top-notch Photoshop extension that can be snatched in our Deal of the Week. Sure, you could achieve all the effects with Photoshop alone but with ALCE you’ll have an optimization expert at your side, performing the necessary steps for you. And even as an expert you’d probably not be as fast to perform as ALCE does. Highlights: This incredible Photoshop Extension easily adds a crisp, unique 3D style to your images. Using a simplistic interface, there’s no need to work with multiple options on your photo as you tweak just one simple parameter: the Radius. Thanks to ALCE’s algorithm, you’ll get contrast boosting, while still protecting your image quality from clipping important tonal […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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CSS Icons: 20 Vibrant, Fast, and Light Code Snippets

12 août, 2015 - 15:00
Use of modern and cutting-edge features of CSS3 has long ago moved from experimental to ordinary. Developers often turn to advanced properties such as animations, pseudo-classes, selectors, calculating values, 3d transforms, etc. without fear of browser compatibility or possible crashes. With an excellent support from JavaScript that can be used for fallbacks, creating websites from CSS-only elements nowadays has become a reality. It concerns not only static objects but also dynamic ones. Almost every detail of the layout can be reproduced through a skillful combination of HTML and CSS. For example icons, the essential and vital elements of any interface. Its implementation has undergone drastic changes, from generic raster graphics to responsive SVG and code-based variants. With little efforts and skills, you can create or, to be more precise, develop icons from scratch and even assign to them some motion or behavior. They are lightweight, quick, and even smart and adaptive. Of course, CSS3 is not omnipotent, and there are no universal solutions and techniques. It is well-suited for reproducing clean, crisp, subtle, apparent and not complex graphics though there is always room for exceptions. Today we have prepared a small collection of CSS-powered icons, the code snippets of which are excellent examples and […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Online Skills Tests: Find the Perfect Developer With Tests for Geeks

10 août, 2015 - 19:00
Sounds familiar? You are looking to hire a developer with a professional skill set in e.g. PHP. You bring your offer out to the job boards of the globe. Certainly you receive a load of applications. Are you going to interview them all, knowing that most will not even have ten percent of the skills needed? Tests for Geeks helps you filter the load and leaves you only those applicants who are actually able to perform as you need it. This is done by thoroughly developed tests targeting different core sections every programmer should have a sound knowledge of. It’s also interesting if you are a developer seeking to be hired. So, in any case, read on… Online Tests to Prove Candidates Skills Made Easy ;-) I know what I am talking about. I hired developers already more than once believing what their papers suggested, only to find out that there was no truth in what the papers said. Unfortunately, there are no clear job profiles with sound and proven educational backgrounds to rely upon. Even people who actually studies Computer Sciences turned out to be disappointments more than once. My learning: As there are no reliable profiles to depend […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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WebDev: Using the Media Capture API in the Browser

7 août, 2015 - 10:00
Today I’d like to experiment with the Media Capture and Streams API, developed jointly at the W3C by the Web Real-Time Communications Working Group and the Device APIs Working Group. Some developers may know it simply as getUserMedia, which is the main interface that allows webpages to access media capture devices such as webcams and microphones. You can find the source code for this project on my GitHub. Additionally, here’s a working demo for you to experiment with. In the latest Windows 10 preview release, Microsoft added support for media capture APIs in the Microsoft Edge browser for the first time. Much of this code was taken from the Photo Capture sample that the Edge dev team produced at their test drive site. For those of you who want to dive a bit deeper, Eric Bidelman has a great article at HTML5 rocks which goes into the storied history of this API. Getting up to Speed The getUserMedia() method is a good starting point to understand the Media Capture APIs. The getUserMedia() call takes MediaStreamConstraints as an input argument, which defines the preferences and/or requirements for capture devices and captured media streams, such as camera facingMode,  microphone volume, and video resolution. Through MediaStreamConstraints, you can also pick […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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