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Wayra U.K. Adds Six More Startups To Its 2014 Mentoring Program

il y a 9h 4 min

 Back in January the Telefonica-backed accelerator Academy, Wayra U.K., announced the intake for its 2014 accelerator program -- naming 13 startups that would be put through their paces during the nine-month mentoring program. Today it's topped up that number with six more startups which will be joining the existing teams in its London-based Academy in May. Read More

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The London Fintech Boom — TransferWise And Others Hit Record Numbers

il y a 10h 31 min

 Slowly but surely a revolution has been taking place in financial technology, or fintech as we call it these days. These days fintech’s hottest sphere is not in Bloomberg terminals but in disruptive cloud startups, using the Internet as a route around the dedicated lines of the past. Globally, fintech investment has more than tripled over the past three years, according to a recent study by… Read More

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Finnish Startup HeiaHeia Raises €1.5M To Expand Its Corporate Wellness Platform

il y a 11h 33 min

 HeiaHeia, a Finnish startup offering a social and corporate wellness platform that helps employees live a healthier lifestyle -- and, presumably, perform better at work -- has raised €1.5 million in funding led by Finland's Wallstreet Financial Services. Read More

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Mt.Gox Will Reportedly File For Liquidation Instead Of Bankruptcy

il y a 12h 57 min

 Mt.Gox has filed for liquidation in a Tokyo court instead of going forward with its plans to rebuild under bankruptcy protection, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper's sources said that Mt.Gox decided to abandon its previous plan for rehabilitation because it was too complex and unrealistic, but that it still hopes a buyer for the exchange can be found. Read More

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India’s Snapdeal Acquires Fashion Discovery Site Doozton, As Battle For Online Fashion Heats Up

il y a 13h 43 min

 Online fashion retail is fast becoming the next battlefront for India’s growing e-commerce startups. With two of the biggest Indian e-commerce companies — Flipkart and Myntra — preparing to merge as part of $330 million deal, rival Snapdeal is now pushing aggressively to get its piece of action in the online fashion retailing space. Less than two months after eBay invested… Read More

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TPG Growth Commits $100M With India’s Smile To Help Internet Cos Tap Emerging Markets

il y a 14h 27 min

 TPG Growth has committed around $100 million in a joint venture with India’s Smile Group for helping Internet and e-commerce companies build and scale their businesses across emerging markets such as India and Africa. TPG and Smile will co-invest through their joint venture, Katalyzers, which will work with Internet companies in the marketplace, classified listings, local commerce, digital… Read More

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Mashfeed Lets You Discover Better Content On Social Networks

il y a 15h 1 min

 Mashfeed isn't just about finding new content. It also lets you organize posts in a better way than most social networks currently allow. On Mashfeed, you create public or private channels (called mashfeeds) that let you add specific users, pages, or hashtags on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also subscribe to channels made by existing users or Mashfeed and trending topics (which… Read More

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Online Invitations Startup Paperless Post Raises $25M From August Capital

il y a 19h 31 min

 Online (and offline) invitations startup Paperless Post has become a modern-day greeting card company, enabling users to create custom cards to their events and send them to friends. Our sources tell us that it's raised another big round of funding to get more of its invitations out to more users. Read More

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Ellen Tries Out Google “Glasses”

il y a 19h 39 min

 Today is Google Glass day. For the first time, the company is letting anybody and everybody order a pair with no application process needed. Because before, if you wanted to give Google $1,500 for a face computer, you had to qualify. Now that Google Glass is fair game, we're probably going to see it a lot more. Take, for example, this episode of The Ellen Show, where Ellen Degeneres tries on… Read More

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Telefonica, Blackstone Launch Axonix, A Mobile Ad Exchange Built On Defunct MobClix Tech

il y a 19h 41 min

 Telefonica, the Spanish carrier with operations in 24 countries and 323 million customers, is making its latest bid to expand its business beyond basic mobile and telephone services, by moving into ad tech. Read More

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HP Finds Mobile Tax Apps Lacking On Security, Privacy

il y a 19h 42 min

 As the clock ticks toward midnight, putting an end to tax day 2014, Hewlett-Packard is warning consumers of mobile tax and finance apps that they may want to audit their own usage. According to the HP Audit, more than 90 percent of the applications the company tested, including TurboTax, TaxACT and TaxSlayer, contained at least one potential privacy violation. Read More

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Investors Send Twitter Up 11.4% Following Gnip News, Adding $2.7B To Its Market Cap

il y a 19h 54 min

 Twitter had a massive day in the markets, soaring more than 11 percent following news this morning that it has acquired Gnip, a company that TechCrunch described as a longtime partner and customer. The acquisition could see it funnel its current customer base towards Gnip's popular tools, and also accrete to Twitter's top line Gnip's incomes. Twitter needs revenue growth, and more monetization… Read More

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Pinterest Plans “Choose Your Own Adventure” Product Announcement For April 24

il y a 19h 58 min

 A more personalized way to pin may be on the way as Pinterest has announced a big press event in San Francisco on April 24th with the teaser image above. We've confirmed with the company that this will be a product announcement and CEO Ben Silbermann will speak. So what will Pinterest unveil? Read More

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Google Actually Sells Out Of A Google Glass Model

il y a 20h 22 min

 Apparently some people still want Google Glass. The white model sold out several hours after Google allowed anyone to purchase the product. Models of the other colors are still available -- at least until Google stops selling the product tonight. For today only, Google made Glass available to anyone. This is the first time since the product's announcement that Google has allowed the general… Read More

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Inside DODOcase, Where Modern Tech Accessories Are Made The Old Fashioned Way

il y a 20h 33 min

 Welcome to a new episode of TechCrunch Cribs, the video series that takes you inside where the offices where all the tech industry magic happens to see what it's really like for the people who work there. This time around, we headed to the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco to visit DODOcase, the startup that makes iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android mobile accessories using traditional book… Read More

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Yahoo’s Shopping Spree Is Slowing Down, It Used A Net $22M For Acquisitions In Q1

mar, 15.04.2014 - 23:10

 Yahoo's spending spree on acquisitions looks like it may finally have slowed down, at least in terms of value if not numbers. Yahoo noted in its Q1 2014 earnings today that it used a net $22 million for acquisitions in the three months that ended March 31, covering eight companies. Sequentially, that $22 million is just over a third of the net amount it said it spent on acquisitions in the… Read More

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Google Releases Helpouts App For iOS

mar, 15.04.2014 - 22:56

 Google introduced Helpouts last year to HELP PEOPLE OUT (yeah that's where they got the name). The system works through Hangouts, letting people connect with experts for paid or free video chats that are about solving a specific problem, rather than just shooting the breeze with pals as we all do on Hangouts all the time. Now Helpouts is available on iOS thanks to a new app. Read More

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Hands On With The Xperia Z2 Smartphone And Z2 Tablet, Sony’s Waterproof Wonders

mar, 15.04.2014 - 22:24

 Both Samsung and HTC have new flagship Android phones out in the U.S., but Sony isn’t just sitting back and doing nothing. The company has its new 5.2-inch Z2 smartphone launching soon in select markets, including in Canada in May. The waterproof glass-encased handset has a lot in common with last year’s Z1, but goes the extra mile with new imaging options, noise cancellation features… Read More

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Intel Meets In Q1 With Revenue Of $12.8B, EPS Of $0.38 On Back Of Recovering PC Market

mar, 15.04.2014 - 22:13

 Following the closing bell today, Intel reported its first quarter results, including revenue of $12.764 billion, and earnings per share of $0.38. The results roughly match analyst expectations that the company would earn $0.37 per share on top line of $12.81 billion. It’s worth noting that that $0.37 per share earnings expectation was the lower than at least the company’s last five… Read More

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Yahoo Beats Street For Q1 On Sales Of $1.09B, EPS Of $0.38 But Flat Display Sales Of $438M

mar, 15.04.2014 - 22:12

 Yahoo has just reported its Q1 earnings, with ex-TAC revenues of $1.087 billion and earnings per share of $0.38, and net income of $314 million. That just about beat analysts’ expectations on revenue: they were expecting ex-TAC sales of $1.08 billion (First Call estimates were $1,076.9 million). Yahoo had provided adjusted earnings guidance earlier this year of between $290 million and $330… Read More

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