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[EMPLOI] Mister Auto, Expertime, Sellsy… Les 10 offres d’emploi de la semaine - 29 avril, 2016 - 17:31
Découvrez les opportunités d'emploi de cette semaine: Publisher Partnership Development Manager (H/F), Ingénieur Système et Réseaux (H/F), Sales Manager (H/F)...
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Comment structurer l’équipe commerciale après sa levée de fonds ? - 29 avril, 2016 - 16:49
Quelles sont les meilleurs pratiques en matière de recrutement de commerciaux?
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[Ils l’ont fait] SFR, Spotify, Withings…: les 5 temps forts de la semaine - 29 avril, 2016 - 15:43
FrenchWeb a sélectionné 5 entreprises qui ont rythmé la semaine.
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[Ils l’ont dit] Internet des objets, Intelligence artificielle…: le meilleur de la semaine - 29 avril, 2016 - 15:15
Les experts de Frenchweb cette semaine.
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L’agenda de la semaine - 29 avril, 2016 - 15:00
Les événements à ne pas manquer du 02 au 08 mai
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Sqreen lève 2,3 millions de dollars pour sonder les failles des applications mobiles - 29 avril, 2016 - 14:00
L'équipe a développé une solution en Saas permettant d'intégrer «une sonde» pour détecter les failles dans les app.
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MH Magazine – a WordPress Theme for Online Publishers - 29 avril, 2016 - 13:00

Multi-purpose themes are becoming more and more popular. Does this mean you should use one? Not exactly. Depending on your use case, there are other types of themes that might fit your needs better and faster. Today, we’ll introduce you to the premium theme MH Magazine by MH Themes, which is perfect for the entire field of editorial websites, such as blogs, online magazines or dynamic news portals.

This is the MH Magazine Theme

I don’t know about you, but I am not into themes for a wide application area, as most of them are created slovenly. Typically, the entire focus has been given to the creation of a beautiful landing page, while neglecting all other areas. The MH Magazine Theme is soothingly different. It sets itself apart from the masses in many ways. You can easily tell that a lot of development work has been put into the theme, just by looking at it. This is one unique selling point already, as these days, “complete” themes have become an exception.

By the way: The MH Magazine is one of the most successful themes out there. According to MH Themes, it is currently running on more than 40,000 websites. The lite version alone is installed and active on over 30,000 websites.

Nobody has to buy a pig in a poke; the theme can be tested in a reduced lite version before purchasing it. MH Magazine Lite is available as a free download from the official WordPress Theme Directory. Of course, the free theme doesn’t come close to the arsenal of features that are included in the premium version. Nonetheless, both versions of the theme are responsive and adapt to any screen resolution without issues.

The Flexibility of the MH Magazine Theme

The theme’s big advantage is its remarkably high flexibility. There are many different ways of using it. It is particularly fitting for professional blogs, online magazines, and dynamic news portals. It’s basically predestined for topics like lifestyle, gadgets, sports, food, fashion, traveling, technology. The entire landing page is based on widgets. Including the front page, the theme offers in total 26 different widget areas available for customization.  This allows you to create a website that completely adjusts to suit your needs relatively quickly.

In general, you can use the theme to do anything that comes to mind, while it is optimally used for all editorial areas. The following image depicts its enormous flexibility:

Clicking the Graphic Opens a Full Resolution Version

However, even this graphic only provides a brief impression of the many options that this theme provides. The landing page alone is adjustable in diverse ways.

Learn More About the Theme

Inspiration Part 1 – The MH Magazine Showcase

If you want to find some inspiration on what’s possible using this theme, take a look at MH Theme’s showcase. Here, you’ll find plenty of examples of how the theme is used in different ways. The majority of the showcase entries displays the MH Magazine in various designs and divisions. A close look will definitely spark your inspiration.

The MH Themes Showcase

Inspiration Part 2 – The Many Demo Versions

Theme Demo One of Twelve

The theme’s diversity and flexibility also becomes evident when browsing through the numerous demos that MH Themes has set up for MH Magazine. Twelve demo pages show you examples of what you can do with the theme.

The Following Demos are Available:

Some Screenshots of the Demos:

1 – Demo 3: Technology Magazine Theme Demo

2 – Demo 5: Food Magazine Theme Demo

3 – Demo 6: Travel Magazine Theme Demo

4 – Demo 8: Women Magazine Theme Demo

5 – Demo 10: Wildlife Magazine Theme Demo

The MH Magazine Theme’s Features

This theme is translation-ready and has already included translation files for a number of languages. This way, users don’t need to translate the theme on their own if the particular language is already available.

Let’s get to the important part: What does this theme offer? First, I should again mention the highly flexible landing page that I talked about earlier. On top of that, the theme comes with 23 custom widgets for all thinkable purposes. It offers the popular responsive FlexSlider 2, and is prepared for the use of child themes.

It is optimized for SEO, loads rather fast, and has included a collection of the most popular Google web fonts. All commonly needed functionality is already integrated. For instance, you don’t need an extra plugin for the author box below the article. Popular “share buttons” are available as well, and they perfectly fit the design. The Differences Between the Lite and the Full Version Theme Name MH Magazine lite MH Magazine Theme Demo Demo 12 Demos Download or Purchase Download Purchasing the Theme Responsive Layout Extended Layout Options Page Width 1080px 1080px / 1431px Second Sidebar Widgetized Homepage Template Amount of Widget Areas 12 26 Custom Widgets 4 (Basic) 23 (Full Version) Custom Menus 1 5 jQuery News Ticker FlexSlider 2 With Touch Support Integrated Breadcrumb Navigation Integrated Social Buttons Related Posts Feature Prepared for Advertisements Theme Options Simple Color Options to Alter the Color Scheme Custom Google Webfonts Typography Options for Fonts and Size Extended Features Customer Support The Theme’s 23 Widgets
  • MH Slider – includes layout options to display dynamic content on the landing page.
  • MH Custom Slider – used to display specific content on the landing page. (premium)
  • MH Author Bio – displays authors, avatars, and biographic information. (premium)
  • MH Authors – shows a list of authors and the number of published articles. (premium)
  • MH Custom Posts – used to sort posts according to categories or tags.
  • MH Posts Grid – used to display a grid made of images/thumbnails. (premium)
  • MH Posts List – shows a list of posts with thumbnails. (premium)
  • MH Posts Large – lists the articles with a large thumbnail. (premium)
  • MH Posts Digest – displays the articles with thumbnails and an article overview. (premium)
  • MH Posts Focus – shows five articles with the focus on long pieces in the center. (premium)
  • MH Posts Horizontal – displays a grid with posts including titles and thumbnails. (premium)
  • MH Posts Lineup – shows a featured post and a list of other posts. (premium)
  • MH Posts Stacked – shows five posts including thumbnail, title, and metadata. (premium)
  • MH Carousel – displays a rotating slider with thumbnails. (premium)
  • MH News in Pictures – shows a small gallery of linked images. (premium)
  • MH Tabbed – shows the latest posts, tags, and comments in 3 tabs. (premium)
  • MH Facebook Page – used to display the Facebook page. (premium)
  • MH Social – used to show social media icons in the sidebar/footer. (premium)
  • MH YouTube Video – displays YouTube videos on the landing page or in sidebars. (premium)
  • MH Spotlight – presents a highlighted post on the landing page. (premium)
  • MH Recent Comments – shows the latest comments including the avatar. (premium)
  • MH Custom Pages – used to display pages filtered by IDs. (premium)
  • MH Posts Columns – shows columns with posts of certain categories. (premium)
Costs and Support

The Support and the Extensive Documentation

MH Themes cares for providing thorough support. If your native language is German you will be happy to hear that the support is available in your mother tongue as well. Besides personal support in English and German, you will find a comprehensive documentation as well as many tutorials on the various features of the MH Magazine Theme.

Support Center | Tutorials | Theme Documentation

The Theme’s Costs

The theme costs $49 USD, which is a decent price, considering the provided feature set. Those who want to test it first can download the lite version from WordPress, which will already be sufficient for many use cases. However, the premium theme offers a lot more freedom regarding design, simply because of the increased number of customization options. Instead of wearing out a new theme every year, you can simply change the colors and order of the custom widgets. This way, your website receives a fresh, new look. This can save you a lot of work when comparing it to moving to a new theme.

Buy the Theme from Here | Download the Lite Version from Here


MH Magazine is, without a doubt, a very interesting theme for all editorial purposes. The most important and commonly needed features are included in the premium version without causing bloat. Plus, the overall quality of the theme is very good. The latter also becomes apparent through the ratings of the lite theme on WordPress. High flexibility, paired with a very appealing look lets me wholeheartedly recommend this theme.


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[EMPLOI] Hi-Media, Mister Auto, Page Personnel: Les 3 offres d’emploi du jour - 29 avril, 2016 - 12:30
Découvrez les opportunités d'emploi du jour: Data Manager (H/F), Intégrateur Web (H/F), Responsable/Directeur de Clientèle (H/F)
Catégories: News monde IT

Fintech: 50 milliards de dollars levés en 5 ans, dont la moitié en 2015 - 29 avril, 2016 - 12:24
Les montants investis dans les fintechs augmentent de 75% en 2015, avec un total de 22,3 milliards de dollars levés.
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Access MBA Tour : Salon des meilleurs MBA - 29 avril, 2016 - 12:21
Le 18 Mai 2016 à Paris
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Tech: quels sont les fondamentaux de l’investissement? - 29 avril, 2016 - 11:41
Quels sont les cycles d'investissement des VC ? Quand sélectionnent-ils leurs dossiers ?
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Comment donner vie à la réalité virtuelle? - 29 avril, 2016 - 10:56
«Créer du contenu pour la réalité virtuelle en appelle à des règles spécifiques afin de toucher son audience», par Gildas Dussauze, co-fondateur de VRTUOZ.
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Porté par le cloud, Amazon affiche 28% de croissance au premier trimestre 2016 - 29 avril, 2016 - 10:20
Le géant américain de l'e-commerce publie un chiffre d'affaires en hausse de 28% au premier trimestre 2016.
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Link Audit as a SEO Measure - 29 avril, 2016 - 10:00

Other than content, the link structure of a website is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. For the search engine’s crawlers, all links to a domain are of interest, but also the internal page navigation as well as the choice of links to foreign domains (outbound links). A frequent link audit should be on your to-do list.

However, the Google algorithm pays particular attention to what sources the backlinks are from (inbound links). The explanation for that is very simple: the more high-grade the referring page is to Google, the more reliable is the quality of its recommendations. The same applies vice versa: the lower the quality of the link structure’s sources, the more the linked website’s reputation and ranking in the search engine decreases.

Link Audit – The Optimization of the Link Structure

Those that put a lot of effort into optimizing the internal link structure, and consequently equipped promotional outbounds links with appropriate tags, maybe because of a punishment from Google, should also take a look at the inbound links afterwards: For a general “house cleaning”, it makes sense to reduce poor links in regular time periods, to become more attractive for Google due to this link audit. For that, it makes sense to create a list of referring links using an SEO analysis tool or directly using Google Webmaster Tools.

Often, the majority of links is part of a wild mixture of results from link exchange actions, and manual entries into web catalogs, which, for the most part, originate from the page’s launching. On top of that come the organic links that were placed over time by operators of other domains, as the website’s content has convinced them, or because they have published critic comments on the content, and linked your site as the source. These links certainly are, with certain limitations, the most valuable backlinks in the eyes of the search engine.

However, those links that were placed by the operators of plenty of spam pages are “as annoying as flies”. Their only purpose is to make as many webmasters as possible access the page via their analysis tools, to manipulate the access numbers this way. The home of these websites is not rarely located in Russia or the Far East, the content, however, is mostly relevant but not valuable.

Another type of links that almost all webmasters would deny are the paid references. For Google, they are the biggest enemy, unless they are explicitly labeled as advertisements, and equipped with a nofollow tag in the HTML code.

Link Audit: How Can You Tell Which Links Should be Removed?

There are mixed opinions on which links are good for the ranking and which aren’t. As Google still keeps its exact algorithm a secret and frequently updates it, webmasters depend on speculations. However, some factors are entirely unclear:

  1. Purchased links that carry money keywords, but are not marked as advertisements have a high risk of being detected by Google and contribute to a massive downgrade of the website.
  2. If there are many entries in rather unsubstantial web catalogs or pages with unfitting topics in the list of inbound links, only those that increase the visitor count should remain. By experience, almost nothing remains with these considerations in mind.
  3. Those that work with friendly webmasters a lot should analyze if a construction of up to twenty websites could also be recognized as a network by Google. This is the case when references towards each other are plentiful, and maybe even make up the majority of the link structure. In the most cases, such nepotism causes an enormous downgrade of the website’s ranking.
  4. When in doubt, a manual check can be helpful: Does the linking page leave a competent impression?
  5. Spam links of websites from overseas, however, can be neglected, as Google has already recognized and has most likely generally devalued them.

Subject: Asking for the Removal of Link Placements on Your Website

Dear Sir or Madam [Last name of the webmaster]

due to recent measures to restructure our link strategy, we want to politely ask you to remove the link to our web presence [URL] on your following page.

(Link Source/Link Text/Link Destination) link text

Please do not regard our request as a contempt of your website, as it is solely based on technological considerations. We want to thank you in advance for the resultant efforts. If you have any questions and / or ideas, we are happy to be at your disposal.


[Name and signature]

After waiting for a couple of days – without a reply – you can dig deeper using a reminding message that, in the best case, contains the previous email. It is not a rare thing that website owners only answer the second message, as it reminds them of your request.

Often, the webmasters are happy about a short thank you, which will also give you, the applicant, a good feeling, as the removal of links is barely ever connected to an expense allowance.

For links that can not be removed this way, the Google Search Console allows you to upload a Disavow list, which contains the respective URLs. The Google Disavow Tool is a part of the Google Search Console and is used to devalue inbound links. The tool was introduced with the Google Penguin updates, which was introduced to fight links of poor quality.

In conclusion, you can consider the link audit a very effective measure to optimize a web shop or a website, even if the effort might seem to be very high. The most important things are the conscientiously, and in the best case, manually executed valuations of the inbound links, as well as the respectful and polite treatment of the respective webmasters.


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[Atelier en ligne] Créez votre Sales Machine! - 29 avril, 2016 - 09:39
Le 19 mai à 11h avec Sellsy
Catégories: News monde IT

Create a Responsive jQuery Slider with Turnable.js - 29 avril, 2016 - 09:03

Advertise here via BSA

Turntable.js is a responsive JQuery slider that will let you rotate through a list of images as your mouse (or finger) sweeps across a container. Think of it like a flipbook made with Javascript, instead of paper. All you need is a set of images, and jQuery. It’s a fresh alternative to the typical ‘click-to-slide’ JQuery gallery.

Requirements: –
License: License Free


Professional Web Icons for Your Websites and Applications

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Le Débrief de la semaine avec Céline Ruffet (Fitnext) - 29 avril, 2016 - 07:30
Fitnext est une start-up qui développe une plateforme de programme de coaching sportif et nutritionnel en ligne.
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[INSIDERS] Dailymotion passe (enfin) à 360 degrés… - 28 avril, 2016 - 18:26
Les 7 infos de la journée qu'il ne fallait pas manquer.
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Forum Jeunes Femmes & Numérique 3ème édition - 28 avril, 2016 - 17:38
Le 20 mai à Paris
Catégories: News monde IT

Language quality data: la nouvelle communication des entreprises - 28 avril, 2016 - 17:38
«Le langage, l’entreprise et le digital», nouvel ouvrage de Jeanne Bordeau, propose un voyage optimiste au coeur du digital.
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