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E-santé: les patients sont prêts à sauter le pas - 21 juillet, 2016 - 08:30
Deux fois plus de patients comprennent quelles informations figurent dans leur dossier médical partagé, et deux tiers d'entre eux sont favorables aux trackers d'activité, selon une étude Accenture.
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[EMPLOI] Expectra, Witbe, Le Groupe La Poste…: Les 5 offres d’emploi du jour ! - 21 juillet, 2016 - 07:30
Expectra recherche pour son client un Directeur Clientèle (H/F) Suresnes, Île-de-France, France   Votre mission est d’assurer la...
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Passi, producteur d’idées digitales - 21 juillet, 2016 - 07:28
De dénicheur du prochain tube, le chanteur et producteur Passi doit aujourd'hui être un détecteur de tendances, des nouveaux formats, du «son de demain»...
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Testing Your Tests? Who Watches the Watchmen? - 20 juillet, 2016 - 19:00

Regardless of whether you’re working for a big corporation, a startup, or just for yourself, unit testing is not only helpful, but often indispensable. We use unit tests to test our code, but what happens if our tests are wrong or incomplete? What can we use to test our tests? Who watches the watchmen? Enter […]

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[INSIDERS] Canibal lève 1,2 million d’euros pour sa borne green business connectée… - 20 juillet, 2016 - 18:04
Les 5 infos de la journée qu'il ne fallait pas manquer.
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Porté par le cloud, Microsoft engrange 16,8 milliards de dollars de bénéfices nets annuels - 20 juillet, 2016 - 16:58
La branche dédiée à «l’Intelligent Cloud» affiche des revenus en hausse de 7% à 6,7 milliards de dollars sur le quatrième trimestre.
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Oser l’improductivité #2: Le cloud et l’impression 3D bouleversent les codes de la productivité - 20 juillet, 2016 - 15:23
Dans un livre, Davy Rey étudie l'impact de l'innovation pour les entreprises, vers de nouveaux modèles économiques et de performances.
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How to Design a Modern, Creative Agency Website - 20 juillet, 2016 - 13:15

Advertise here via BSA

Your assignment is to create a website for a creative agency, perhaps the one you work for. Hence, your goal is to design a website that will attract and engage potential clients and customers. And have them beating on the door.

You need to address what these potential customers expect from a creative agency. They obviously expect quality work. And they expect creativity. Whether the agency in question is a web design, marketing campaign, or PR agency.

A creative agency’s capabilities need to reflect its website. If the agency is legitimately capable of doing the impossible, its website should reflect it. And that could be a challenge.

Fortunately, all you need, besides some creative skills of your own, is a design tool to make your designs as creative as possible. Use a pixel-perfect theme, like this one, and you are on your way to satisfying the most pretentious and demanding clients. Or your boss.

Uncode’s Creative Agency concept

The Top 5 Most Important Pages and Areas in a Creative Agency’s Website

The Homepage

Your creative agency’s homepage should be awesome to look at. That would seem to be a reasonable expectation for this type of a business. What is even more important yet, is your homepage needs to tell a visitor who you are and what you do – instantly.

You home page should also reflect how you do what you do. In doing so, it needs to be crisp, clean, and modern – like this Uncode concept.

The Portfolio

If your visitor finds your crisp, clean, and modern home page not only appealing, but impressive, he or she will want to check out your portfolio. The second of your five most important pages.

The key here is to only show your agency’s best work. This is mandatory. Showcasing second-best or mediocre work will not draw in customers. Quite the opposite in fact. You have but a few seconds to show your agency at its best.

Uncode’s portfolio Agency concept

The portfolio is the most important page of a creative agency’s website, because this is where a potential client actually decides if the agency is suited for the work. A cloggy design or an incoherent style is a risk. We chose, in all of Uncode concepts, to keep clarity and simplicity as essential ingredients in the design.” – David Salvatori, Uncode’s co-creator.

Uncode’s advanced grid system and masonry formats are the ticket for showcasing portfolio items in the best light. Like this.

The About Page

Once a potential client has an understanding of what your creative team can do, he or she will want to learn more about your background and your team. The purpose of the About page is the to communicate the essentials of your team and of your business.

This is what a modern About page should look like – simplicity and focus, aided by a smart use of white space.

Absolutely perfect theme. First time ever I achieved 90/100 in GTMetrix. I’ve been able to optimize this theme to load below 500ms with plenty of images! Incredible” – Tomalla (ThemeForest User)

The Contact Page

The contact page is not a page devoted to details or to a presentation. It is devoted to conversion – and nothing more. As such, it has two main features; a clear and simple contact form, and a call to action.

This contact page is clean and simple.

The blog

Blog posts are an efficient way of communicating.  Or showcasing case studies, experiences, and your creative team’s ideas and beliefs. Blogs are a good way to help customers relate to the agency and its team. They should look great, as demonstrated in this Uncode concept:

  • A parallax effect that adds depth
  • Engaging Typography
  • Relaxing Color and font size choices

The blog concept that comes with Uncode

Great design. It’s got a learning curve, but if you need a beautiful WP site with serious backend design, layout and customization, take a serious look at Uncode. I’ll purchase extended support rather than a new theme” – Mackay – ThemeForest User

Creatives as Clients?

A creative agency can at times be a difficult, pretentious client. The same can apply to you when you are building your own portfolio. You can be extremely demanding — and you have to be. But the rewards are great. High standards lead to award-winning agencies, and to award winning websites.

What makes up the creative mind? Here is what a study done in the 1960s discovered:

  • A creative mind is introspective.
  • It is often characterized by complexity and ambiguity.
  • It can extract order from chaos, and –
  • It is unconventional, and willing to take risks.

The Creative Artist concept

This represents your client – the creative agency you’re working with. Thus choose a tool that gives you the flexibility and fine tuning ability to effectively deal with these creative traits.

Uncode will do this for you.

Uncode’s authors created the most advanced grid system of a WP theme. You have dozens of options to create every type of possible, near-impossible, and even impossible, layouts. That’s what creativity can do. It can translate abstract ideas into beautiful websites.

Speaking of showcases; spending a few minutes viewing Uncode’s should convince you that it is the creative’s best choice for a WP theme.

I have purchased this theme because it is by far one of the most amazing themes I have seen and that I have worked with. The clean look and the choices of different layouts and design ideas was truly outstanding.” – Honor Records – ThemeForest User

Uncode – The Creative’s WordPress Theme

What makes Uncode the ideal choice for creatives?

  • First, there are the 30+ concepts that you can load and use with one click.
  • Uncode’s hierarchical options system gives you full control over your customization options. Now, it’s time to imagine and create.
  • The Advanced Grid system gives you cutting-edge layout possibilities. Coupled with the Adaptive Images system, it allows your layouts to be displayed on any device.
  • Uncode uses the ever-popular Visual Composer; complete with enhanced functionalities.
  • Uncode’s enhanced media library will store any type of media you choose for your website. You can create external sections of content for later integration or replication into your pages too.

Uncode is smooth and sleek, ultra-professional, pixel-perfect, and super flexible. If you can think of it – you can build it.


Professional Web Icons for Your Websites and Applications

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[FW Invest] 4 enseignements sur les levées de fonds en France au premier semestre - 20 juillet, 2016 - 11:47
Sur les 313 levées de fonds qui ont eu lieu entre janvier et juin, 21 dépassent les 10 millions d'euros, selon l'indicateur FW Invest.
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Uber va s’appuyer sur les satellites de DigitalGlobe pour affiner ses données cartographiques - 20 juillet, 2016 - 11:45
Cet accord doit permettre à la plateforme de VTC d’utiliser des images satellites pour localiser plus précisément les chauffeurs et les clients.
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WordPress Backup: The Right Strategy - 20 juillet, 2016 - 10:00

A WordPress backup strategy is of significant importance for every website and blog. Maybe you already read that over and over and can’t stand hearing about it anymore. Nonetheless, you should consider it immediately, should you not provide regular backups for your blog yet. It can go up in flames a lot faster than you might think.

This is Why a Backup Strategy is of Immense Importance

It can hit any of us at any time. You have to be aware of that. I, for example, thought that I wouldn’t need a backup for each of my websites. As a result, my personal website was not saved in backups, as it didn’t have much content. I had to regret that later on.

A few weeks ago, I saw that my theme – Enfold by Kriesi – needed an update. Expecting nothing evil, I clicked the update button. A few minutes later, I was sitting in front of the debris that used to be my website. Enfold has destroyed it in a matter of seconds. The theme didn’t give out any HTML source code anymore after the opening <head>. I wasn’t even able to bring my website back to life by installing an older version either.

The installation of a WordPress basic theme managed to return my blog content, but the deposited pages were gone forever.

All of that just because I am an idiot that wanted to save five dollars a month. All of my other websites are secured by VaultPress, which I will present in a bit.

Further Information:

Killed in Action: When Your Website Suddenly Dies (in German language)

WordPress Backup Solutions – What’s Available, What Makes Sense

There are many options to create backups for WordPress. Not all of them make sense, as for some – free – versions, extensive knowledge on database administration is required to be able to apply the backups. Thus, the automatic backup solutions are better choices for inexperienced users or those who prefer a professional solution. They allow you to restore your backups with a single click. Good backup solutions are never free. However, the costs are very appropriate.

In the following, I will present two examples for each of the backup solutions.

The Fully Automized Solutions: Backup Services

These backup services always require payments. However, the costs are reasonable and range from five USD to nine Euro a month.

1 – VaultPress

VaultPress should be one of the most popular services for fully automatic WordPress backups. The provided service’s quality and user-friendliness are excellent. By the way, VaultPress is a project by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

This is how it works: log into VaultPress using your account, enter your URL, as well as your credit card information for the payments. Afterward, install the VaultPress plugin on your blog and enter the registration number you received in the VaultPress dashboard. Now, all you need to do is enter the SFTP or SSH access information for your server so VaultPress can work properly.

The Access Data For Your Server / Your Webhosting Package, Deposited in VaultPress.

The service instantly starts doing its job and creates the first backup of your entire website, including the uploads.

Viewing Individual Backups Created by VaultPress.

As you can see, each backup can be restored with just one click.

Important Information:
  • Paid: yes, available starting at 5 USD a month per URL/website
  • What exactly does it create backups of:  the entire WordPress installation
  • Where are the backups hosted: on the service’s servers (USA)
  • Support: yes, via email. Fast and, from my experience, good
  • Disadvantages: None, aside from the data storage in the USA
  • Recommendable: Totally, from my own experience
  • Trial period available: no
  • Payment options: credit card only
  • Possible payment rates: Monthly and annually. Yearly payment saves one month’s fee
  • Terms of termination: termination possible at all times via one click from the dashboard
  • A account is required
  • Link to the product
2 – blogVault

BlogVault doesn’t only offer a fast and straightforward backup solution with recovery, but also other interesting, additional functions. One advantage is the test recovery that VaultPress doesn’t have. The service requires the installation of a plugin.

What BlogVault Can do:
  • Backup history of up to 30 days: single pages or the entire website can be restored.
  • One-click-recovery: no fumbling around with database files or something similar.
  • Test Recovery: lets you check if your website was saved entirely. The service provides a test restoration with one-click from their servers.
  • High security: blogVault saves your backups on servers by Hetzner, as well as Amazon S3. Additionally, you’re also able to keep the backup in your Dropbox.
  • Additional functions: blogVault provides easy relocation of a WordPress installation.
  • Email support: currently only in English
Important Information:
  • Paid: yes, starting at 9 Euro a month for one website
  • What exactly does it create backups of:  the entire WordPress installation
  • Where are the backups hosted: on the service’s servers at Hetzner, and on Amazon S3
  • Support: yes, via email
  • Disadvantages: no evident ones
  • Recommendable: most likely
  • Trial period available: yes, you get seven days. After that, you’ll be charged
  • Payment options: PayPal only
  • Possible payment rates: monthly and yearly. Annual payments save between 12 and 16 percent.
  • Terms of termination: termination is possible at any time with one click via the dashboard
  • Link to the product

BlogVault sounds promising. I’ll make sure to do some in-depth testing with it shortly. Afterward, I can make safe statements. There is no risk in using the 7-day trial to check if the service meets the expectations.

Manual Solutions via WordPress Plugins

The manual solutions for a WordPress backup are mostly some popular and free plugins. They may be able to create a backup, but they are unable to restore it. Thus, you need to have experience with using phpMyAdmin to get the stored database back into the system. However, there is also a plugin solution that can restore the saved backups. This solution is paid but seems recommendable.

1 – BackupBuddy

The User Interface of BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is another paid backup solution. It claims to protect over half a million WordPress websites since 2010. BackupBuddy also offers backups that are restorable with one click. There are many different types of backups available. You could save the entire website, or just the data, or the database.

A restore feature is provided, and additionally, you can comfortably move a site to another server. Aside from the businesses’ servers, the files are also saved in the Dropbox, on Amazon S3, or Google Drive, as you wish. It’s also possible to download the saved backups.

What BackupBuddy can do:
  • Backup recovery: single areas or the entire website can be restored
  • One-click-recovery: No fumbling around with database files or something similar.
  • High security: BackupBuddy saves your backups on own servers or in your Dropbox. Saving on Amazon S3 and Google Drive is possible as well. On top of that, the backup can be downloaded at any time.
  • Additional functions: BackupBuddy provides an easy relocation of a WordPress installation, as well as fascinating features for developers. Migration, cloning, and a staging website are easy to realize. The staging function is interesting, allowing you to clone a developer page, and keep it up to date with a few clicks. Services for the relocation to a new domain and the automatic replacement of an old domain with a new one are integrated as well. Also, the plugin provides plenty more features and tools. It is very extensive.
  • Ticket support: currently only available in English
Important Information:
  • Paid: yes, starting at 80 USD per year and website. At the moment, you’ll receive 25 percent off when signing up for the newsletter.
  • Updates and support period: one year each, as you pay per year
  • What exactly does it create backups of: the entire WordPress installation or specific areas
  • Where are the backups hosted: on the service’s servers in the USA, or on Amazon S3, Google Drive, or in your own Dropbox.
  • Support: yes, via a ticket system
  • Disadvantages: no obvious ones
  • Recommendable: most likely
  • Trial period available: no
  • Payment options: credit card only
  • Possible payment rates: annually
  • Terms of termination: license runs out automatically when it is not extended. Thus, termination is not necessary.
  • Link to the product
2 – BackWPup – free

BackWPup is probably the most popular free backup plugins. It works perfectly fine, at least on more expensive hosting options. On cheap shared-hostings, the plugin often stops with an error message, as the backup job takes longer than accepted by the hoster. That’s my experience with the plugin, at least.

Depending on your needs, the plugin either saves your entire page or only the database. Additionally, a backup for the files (the XML import file) and the plugins can be executed. Furthermore, there are many different security measures available, including the own server, the Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, and so on.

BackWPup has one disadvantage, however: it is not capable of restoring backups. This has to be done manually, requiring knowledge on database administration. If you lack this knowledge, an expert has to be hired. A paid version is available too, yet it can’t recover backups either.

An Overview of the Functions:

  • Database backup (requires mysqli)
  • WordPress XML Export
  • Creates a file with the installed plugins
  • Optimizes the database
  • Checks and repairs the database
  • File backup
  • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 format (requires gz, bz2, ZipArchive)
  • Saves the backups on: server, DropBox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, RackSpaceCloud and SugarSync
Important Information:
  • Free on
  • No backup recovery
  • Only basic support via the WordPress support forum
  • Work in progress
  • Developer: Inpsyde GmbH, Frank Bültge, Daniel Hüsken
  • Newest version from: May 2016
  • Download on

A good backup strategy is indispensable. However, there are many trip hazards, especially when it comes to the free solutions. Thus, a paid solution for little money is recommended. Experience shows that, after the installation and activation, you don’t have to take care of backups anymore, as everything runs smoothly in the background. And should the worst case scenario happen, everything is recovered in a few minutes thanks to the restore function.

From my misery, I learned that you should not run a website without backups. Thus, all of my websites have a backup solution now. This lets me sleep calmly again.


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[Étude de cas] DMP et programmatique : Comment activer ses données pour réussir la personnalisation des campagnes e-marketing? - 20 juillet, 2016 - 09:51
Photobox positionne la data au centre de sa stratégie marketing digitale et exploite l’intelligence média pour proposer...
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Le programme Startup Pirates revient à Paris pour sa 3ème édition! - 20 juillet, 2016 - 09:32
Du 10 au 17 septembre
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5 tendances à connaître sur l’emploi dans le numérique en France - 20 juillet, 2016 - 08:30
Qui sont les plus gros employeurs? Dans quelles régions? Une étude révèle l'état du recrutement dans l'Hexagone.
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Sébastien Bazin (AccorHotels): «Nous allons faire mieux qu’Airbnb» - 20 juillet, 2016 - 07:30
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[EMPLOI] Spir Communication, Witbe, Page Personnel…: Les 5 offres d’emploi du jour ! - 20 juillet, 2016 - 07:30
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Netflix ne fait plus le plein de nouveaux abonnés au deuxième trimestre - 19 juillet, 2016 - 16:02
Outre-Atlantique, la plateforme n'a enregistré que 160 000 nouveaux abonnés, contre 500 000 prévus, au second semestre. L'action a perdu plus de 16%.
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Le temps que j’écrive ce post, le secteur de la santé a été disrupté 17 fois - 19 juillet, 2016 - 14:15
Ce qui caractérise la disruption, c'est la reconfiguration d'un marché. Il est donc impossible de qualifier une innovation de disruptive au moment où elle arrive, selon Jean-Philippe Timsit.
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[EMPLOI] Météo France, Le Groupe La Poste, Aravati… Les offres d’emploi #Sales de la semaine - 19 juillet, 2016 - 13:45
Découvrez les entreprises qui recrutent cette semaine ! Pour découvrir tous les emplois, rendez-vous sur notre jobboard. Pour...
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