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True Gaming Experience: Going Full Throttle with the Gamepad API in Microsoft Flight Simulator Arcade - 30 juillet, 2015 - 15:00
Gaming on the Web has come a long way with HTML5 technologies like Canvas, WebGL, and WebAudio. It’s now possible to produce high-fidelity graphics and sound within the browser. However, to provide a true gaming experience, you need input devices designed for gaming. The Gamepad API is a proposed standard of the W3C, and is designed to provide a consistent API across browsers. The Gamepad API allows users to connect devices like an Xbox Controller to a computer and use them for browser-based experiences! If you have a gamepad, try plugging it into your computer and press a button. You’ll see the Xbox controller below light up to mirror each movement you make! Try it out interactively here. This tutorial is the 3rd in a series on Flight Arcade – built to demonstrate what’s possible on the web platform and in the new Microsoft Edge browser and EdgeHTML rendering engine. You can find the first two articles on WebGL and Web API, plus interactive code and examples for this article at Flexible API The Gamepad API is intelligently designed with flexibility in mind. At a basic level, it provides access to buttons and axes. Button values range from [ […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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[FrenchWeb Story] Marc Bidou (Maximiles) se souvient… - 30 juillet, 2015 - 11:00
Retrouvez le rendez-vous de Frenchweb, dans la mémoire des acteurs de l'Internet.
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[We Love Entrepreneurs] Catherine Barba: «J’ai répondu à l’angoisse par l’action» - 30 juillet, 2015 - 09:00
En 2004, il fallait oser, pour se lancer dans le cash back, un concept encore peu connu...
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Dashlane, une start-up française pour un succès mondial - 29 juillet, 2015 - 18:00
Frenchweb vous propose de découvrir une série de portraits de jeunes entreprises innovantes des secteurs du commerce, de la sécurité numérique et des objets connectés.
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Using Selenium with PHPUnit - 29 juillet, 2015 - 18:00

Testing is a really wide subject, whether it be unit testing, functional testing, acceptance testing, etc. In this article, we’re going to see how you can do acceptance testing using Selenium. I will use a practical example to illustrate a real use case. I will assume that you already know how to do unit testing using PHPUnit, or that you at least have a grasp of what it’s all about. Let’s get started.

What Is Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance testing is the process of telling user stories through tests, and I love this quote to describe it:

A formal test conducted to determine whether or not a system satisfies its acceptance criteria and to enable the customer to determine whether or not to accept the system.

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is a tool to automate user interface testing. It helps with testing your application against the browser. The process could be described like so:

  • Go to the page
  • Assert the page contains a list of 20 videos.
  • Click number two on the pagination.
  • Assert the page contains a list of 20 videos.
  • Quit the browser.

You may be wondering: “How does it manipulate the web page using the described tests?”

The answer is “it depends”. If you’re using Selenium RC (previously named Selenium 1), it will inject auto generated JavaScript code to the page to perform the desired actions. Selenium RC is deprecated and is only supported in maintenance mode; you should be using Selenium WebDriver.

When using Selenium WebDriver (Selenium 2), the tests are translated into commands and passed to the Selenium server (more about that in a moment), then passed to the browser using the web browser native API.

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[Social Media Mag #21] Comment le PSG veut jouer en première division dans le marketing et l’e-business - 29 juillet, 2015 - 16:00
Entretien avec Michel Mimran, directeur marketing du Paris Saint-Germain.
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[FrenchWeb Story] Mathieu Llorens (AT Internet) se souvient… - 29 juillet, 2015 - 11:00
Retrouvez le rendez-vous de Frenchweb, dans la mémoire des acteurs de l'Internet.
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Online Marketing Basics #10: The Pros and Cons of Online Coupon Campaigns - 29 juillet, 2015 - 10:00
Digital coupons are the online cousins of the tried and tested discount stamps. Both work the same way. But instead of scissors to cut them out you just use the copy-paste function. In this part of our online marketing series, we will show you how entrepreneurs can successfully use this tool. What is Digital Couponing? Online coupon campaigns take a more than 100 years old marketing tool and transfer it to the virtual world: the tried and tested discount stamps. You don’t have to collect them anymore, though. Nowadays it’s all about coupon codes. When buying something online, you will come across a field at checkout where to type in a promotional code. This way, you will save the fixed amount in dollars or percent that is promised with the coupon code. The discount is the buying incentive and therefore it’s what this marketing tool is all about. So this makes it rather obvious where online coupons are used most frequently: coupon codes are most suitable for online stores selling stuff, especially in the B2C retail industry. When doing such a campaign, it’s important to come up with an efficient way to distribute the code, to get the message out. […]* You might also be interested in the following articles:
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Google Material Design Lite and Bootstrap Comparision - 29 juillet, 2015 - 09:03

Tutorialzine has published an article “Comparing Bootstrap With Google’s New Material Design Lite“. Bootstrap was originally built by Twitter with the purpose of making it easy to build responsive websites. It gives you a lot of components and customization options for making web apps. Material Design Lite is a way for Google to spread its material design concept to the web. It gives you only the base building blocks for building material apps. The rest is up to the developer.

Bootstrap has a very detailed documentation. Development involves copy pasting from the examples and getting a usable result fast. MDL is built around BEM, and components are built by combining multiple classes. This approach gives a great deal of control, but can sometimes lead to unwieldy HTML.

Bootstrap gives you a passable default design which we have grown tired of by now, but there are plenty of wonderful themes to chose from. MDL looks fresh and features bold colors and animations. It dictates exactly how your web app should look like and gives you a limited opportunity for customization by choosing base and accent colors. You can check out the full article here.

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Mickaël Froger (Lengow): « Nous attachons une importance capitale à l’autonomie » - 29 juillet, 2015 - 09:00
Mickaël Froger a cofondé la start-up nantaise Lengow et emploie aujourd'hui plus de soixante-dix personnes.
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SeniorAdom, une solution qui pourrait bientôt conquérir la génération baby-boom - 28 juillet, 2015 - 18:00
Portraits de ces jeunes entreprises qui ont surmonté leurs difficultés.
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[Social Media Mag #15] Estée Lauder: « dans le luxe, il faut jouer sur l’image et se rapprocher des internautes » - 28 juillet, 2015 - 16:00
Frenchweb reçoit cette semaine Perrine Legal, social media manager chez Estée Lauder. Elle revient sur la stratégie de communication...
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[FrenchWeb Story] Hervé Brunet (Sticky Ads TV) se souvient… - 28 juillet, 2015 - 11:00
Retrouvez le rendez-vous de Frenchweb, dans la mémoire des acteurs de l'Internet.
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Essential Tools, Resources, and Services for Designers - 28 juillet, 2015 - 09:03

With so many WordPress themes, page builders, and other design aids and services on the market, it can be difficult for a web designer to know where to turn when in need of a new tool, an additional resource, or a different design approach. Some of the products and services listed here are ideal for general use. Others are excellent choices for designing websites or apps intended to serve a unique or dedicated purpose.
If you find a product or service here that suits your design needs, you can be assured it is top quality, or it would not be on this list. Browse through this list and find out what are the most essential tools, resources and services to have in your toolbox.

WordPress Themes X Theme

X Theme is exciting. It always has been, but with the release of Version 4 a new level of excitement has been attained. Users of this recently released version are raving about it, with the centre of attention being a new, unique, and innovative page builder – Cornerstone. Cornerstone is highlighted again in this listing, but what it will do for X, the fastest selling of the Themeforest themes, is make it more popular than ever. Cornerstone may have temporarily placed a number of the other X features in the shadows, but they remain as impressive as ever, and everything about using this premier WordPress theme’s features is backed up by a rock-solid, 24/7 user support team, a dynamic community site, and forums offering information, advice, and details of other user’s experiences. With a purchase of X, you are given free access to all Themeco plugins, and you will also receive free updates as they are released.


Visit Enfold’s website, and the first thing you are asked to do is to Choose a Demo. If you do so, your search for a premium website theme will quite possibly come to a halt. This top-rated, multipurpose Themeforest theme’s primary characteristic may well be its extremely user-friendly operation. It may in fact be the easiest to work with website building theme on the market. Start with a blank page and an idea, and you can build any layout you want at warp speed. Enfold is always kept up to date, and you will always receive updates as they are released. You can also expect to receive nothing less than the very finest user support.

Be Theme

Be Theme is every bit as big as it claims to be. Its more than 40 core features give you every website design capability you are ever likely to need, and this responsive WordPress theme is easy to use from the time you select one of its 100+ pre-made layouts and begin your editing and page building process until your design is complete. The largest number of topical layouts you will find anywhere makes Be one of the most versatile themes on the market, and the layouts are in the eyes of many this premier theme’s number one attraction, and the reason for its immense popularity. User support is exceptional as well.

Website Builders and Platforms XPRS

If you liked playing Lego as a kid you are sure to love XPRS. Unlike drag&drop website builders, this one uses pre-made and easy to customize content blocks that you can connect into 1 beautiful website. There are tons of content blocks to choose from with different layouts and style (e.g features, call to action, teams, galleries, pricing and more). You can also add a store and it’s totally free with every package.
This method of building websites makes it very simple to create your own website while still allowing professional designers a full control over the details.
XPRS if totally free for artists and students and also offers a great ‘White Label’ package that includes unlimited websites for just $250 a year.


Webydo is a cloud-based design platform for professional designers with a code-free, full-service business solution that empowers design professionals to lead the responsive website creation market. No other platform in the market provides a comprehensive, A to Z, solution. Webydo is a community-led platform, with professional designers determining which features that platform should  or should not have. Webydo is all about reshaping how we create for the web and in order to foster putting the designer in the driver’s seat. What is more, with Webydo’s Full White Label’ option designers can present Webydo’s technology as an integral part of their own design brand by customizing the system colors, adding logos and presenting a fully branded CMS and Dashboard to their clients.
WordPress Page Builders


Cornerstone is a brand new page builder. It is ridiculously easy to use, and it has received a ton of attention. Users are raving about it. The 100% front end editor and preview functions are displayed side by side. When you make an edit, you can instantly see what your web page will look like. There is no need to check later to see what needs fixing.

Themify Flow

Themify Flow is a powerful framework that enables you to design your own responsive themes within WordPress (it allows developers to do so as well). It features a drag and drop builder with a sidebar display in which you can style elements as they appear in the live preview of the layout you are building. Each template you design can have its own header, sidebar, and footer versions. Themify Flow is open source, and free to use!

Project Management and Collaboration Tools Nutcache

Nutcache saves important things until you need them. This project management tool has to be one of the better collaborative solutions you are likely to come across. You can use it to organize a project, or use it to present a collection of diverse ideas in an organized manner. Project status can be displayed in easy to comprehend graphics, and Nutcache gives you an easy and seamless way of tracking time, submitting invoices, and getting paid!


Azendoo offers a more relaxing, less stressful way for you to go about your work; efficiently, and without compromising quality. This intuitive project planner and task manager helps you avoid getting caught up in the rat race, and still focus on your priorities. This collaborative teamwork tool was designed with marketing and design teams in mind. It provides a nice alternative to the necessity of setting up a cumbersome organization.

Converting Designs to Code PSDGator

PSDGator is a small, highly dedicated team that has become well known for producing impressive results. They make PSD to code conversions quickly, and they specialize in taking Photoshop designs and converting them into responsive, hand-coded, SEO optimized HTML/CSS. The finished product is clean code that has been optimized for speed. One of their more thoughtful services is their policy of first reviewing your design to uncover any potential problems before they undertake a conversion process.

40 Dollar Markup

One good reason for looking into 40 Dollar Markup for PSD to code conversions is their ability to provide clean, hand-coded, pixel-perfect code that is optimized for speed. Automated coding tools, with the inefficiencies they can introduce, are never used. Their deliverables are fully supported, and if you have an entire website you would like to have converted to responsive code, they will take it and make the necessary conversion for you.

Direct Basing

Slicing is what Direct Basing does best, and they do it well. In addition to standard HTML5 slicings, their other featured services include PSD to Email and Resposive HTML5 slicings. Direct Basing also has a team dedicated to converting your PSD to a WordPress template. Their customer base ranges from freelancers and small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. If you select this slicing company, you are in good company.

Hosting Services Glow Host

This service provider has servers located in 16 worldwide datacenters which says a great deal about its size and customer base. Glow Host’s hosting plans include Unlimited Single Domain and Unlimited Multi-Domain hosting, Personal hosting, and a Professional Hosting plan. All four plans have a number of attractive features, making this hosting service well worth looking into. Setup and activation are instantaneous when you sign up.


Rackspace places great emphasis on what they call ‘fanantical support’. Cloud hosting is their specialty, but they are more than just a hosting resource. Rackspace offers best-fit web content management solutions to ensure your website has the speed, performance, and security you need. Rackspace also offers customized Ecommerce hosting solutions, and they will optimize websites for page loads, security and PCI compliance; services few hosting companies offer.

Stock Photo Agencies Bigstock

Bigstock has a truly amazing selection of quality, royalty-free images. There are in fact more than 26 million photos, vectors, and illustrations to choose from. Fortunately, their selections are well organized, and searching rarely becomes an issue. Once you have licensed an image, you can always re-download it for free. Your first 35 images are free as well. Sign up now for your week of free images from Bigstock.


You can prepay for images or save considerably by signing up for subscription downloads. Either way, Stockfresh has neatly categorized photos, vectors, and illustrations in abundance, and ordering one or more is a snap. Their website is responsive, so you can browse and place orders from your mobile device. You can rely on prompt customer service should you run into any problems selecting and ordering images.

Web Apps

Sendloop is an excellent choice for anyone who has been looking for an easy to use e-mail marketing solution. Their package includes a drag-n-drop email builder, an online image editor, and a nice selection of mobile-device-ready email templates. Coding is not necessary, but a professional HTML email editor is included for those with HTML coding skills. Sendloop has more than 20,000 current customers, and has been offering email marketing solutions for more than 15 years.


Typeform is on a mission to make forms simple, beautiful, and human. You can create surveys, contact pages, user feedback, quizzes, contests, and even take payments. How’s that for versatility? Leave the stone age of forms behind. Facebook, Nike, and Jetblue can’t be wrong. Core features are free, but if you’re a power user, try their Pro plan.
UI Kits

Baikal – Stylish Web Component Based UI Kit

If you were expecting a rather compact kit having a few templates to work with, you are in for a surprise. Baikal features more than 130 drag and drop web components, together with a collection of over 1000 design elements. The web components have been placed in 10 well-organized categories. The eCommerce category alone is worth a look, but the content in every category is quite impressive.

Zed – Essential Wireframe Kit

Zed is an ideal wireframe kit to have on hand for prototyping websites. You can, for example, choose one of the 25 PSD templates that come with the kit, open it, add a client’s image or logo, and show your client how a final website might appear. The 1500 pixel wide templates can be opened in Photoshop CS5, and they have been neatly placed in 10 commonly used categories. An impressive array of design elements are also included.

Icons and Fonts Icons Responsive

Icons Responsive is an excellent resource to have on hand with its library of 1000+ icons, and counting. These easily scalable, pixel-perfect, responsive icons come in 4 sizes, ranging from 16×16 to 128×128 pixels, as well as in line, flat, and filled glyph styles. Since they are presented in vector format, they are easy to edit. This is a truly outstanding and comprehensive selection of useful icons.

Troia Classic Serif Font Family

Troia is comprised of a classic handcrafted Serif font family. It features 6 different fonts in light, regular, and bold weights. Italics, and Italic bold are also featured should you have a need for them. These multilingual serif fonts cover all Latin 1 glyphs, and they can be used in the Scandinavian languages, German, French, Spanish, Afrikaans, and others. This resource is available for both commercial and personal purposes.

To sum up

Everything in this listing of premium themes, website, app, and page building tools, design element resources, and website design services is top quality in all respects. You can’t really make a bad choice. If you have a problem, it would be in trying to choose between products or services of roughly equal merit. In any event, we hope you have found something to your liking.

Whether you found what you have been looking for, or you feel an important product or service should have been on the list, but wasn’t, we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to send along your thoughts and comments.

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J-P Fleury ( « constituer une équipe, c’est le plus difficile pour un chef d’entreprise » - 28 juillet, 2015 - 09:00
Jean-Philippe Fleury a fondé la start-up nantaise Domisys, qui édite, et emploie plus de 200 personnes.
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Algolia : « Notre but est de changer la façon dont les gens interagissent avec les données » - 27 juillet, 2015 - 18:00
Le portrait d'une start-up en pleine croissance avec l'Accélérateur Start'in Post.
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Speeding up Existing Apps with a Redis Cache - 27 juillet, 2015 - 18:00

We’ve gone through the basics of Redis in PHP before, but it’s time to cover a real life use case. In this tutorial, we’ll add it to an already deployed application to give the app the appearance of speed.

You can easily follow along by cloning the 0.6 release of the app.

The Problem

Before applying a solution, we need to have a clear definition of the problem.

The application in question, when executing a query, runs off to Diffbot’s API and makes it query the dataset. The subset is then returned and displayed. This can take up to 5 or so seconds, depending on the busyness of Diffbot’s servers. While the situation will undoubtedly improve as they expand their computational capacity, it would be nice if a query executed once were remembered and reused for 24 hours, seeing as the collection is only refreshed that often anyway.

“But what good is caching a single query?” you might wonder. It’s not like most people will search for one and the same thing often.

Well… as a matter of fact, not only has research shown that they will often search for one and the same thing (React is trending? Sudden influx of “react” queries), they will also very reliably search for prolific authors (or themselves). Considering the fact that implementing this cache costs us literally nothing (and actually reduces costs by reducing strain on the servers), adding it in is an easy win, even if it weren’t used as often as one would hope. There is no reason not to add it - it can only benefit us.

With the problem clearly defined, let’s handle the prerequisites.

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[Social Media Mag #18] LDLC: « plus de 1 million d’abonnés sur nos réseaux sociaux » - 27 juillet, 2015 - 16:00
Frenchweb reçoit caujourd’hui Muriel Zel, directrice marketing de LDLC, l’e-commerçant lyonnais spécialisé dans l’électronique qui a réalisé 129 millions...
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FrenchWeb Story : Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Vente Privée - 27 juillet, 2015 - 11:00
Retrouvez le rendez-vous de Frenchweb, dans la mémoire des acteurs de l'Internet.
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Quentin Vacher (Birchbox): «La révolte est l’un des éléments les plus importants pour entreprendre» - 27 juillet, 2015 - 09:00
Quentin Vacher est le directeur général Europe de Birchbox et de JolieBox.
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