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HBO’s Silicon Valley Could Go To Burning Man Next Season

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 22:18

 Mike Judge has never been to Burning Man, but that could change this year. We hear the HBO Silicon Valley creator may be going to do some research on what many believe is an essential experience for Silicon Valley insiders. One of those insiders is Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who derided Judge at the premiere of the HBO show, saying he’d never been to Burning Man and therefore… Read More

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Salesforce Spikes 7.34% After Its FQ2 Earnings Beat Expectations

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 22:18

 In the immediate period after it reported its earnings yesterday after the bell, Salesforce slipped around 1 percent. Today, the company closed regular trading up more than 7 percent. Salesforce is now worth $33.87 billion. The share price rise comes on the tail of Salesforce’s revenue and earnings beat — $1.32 billion and $0.13 on a non-GAAP basis, respectively — and its… Read More

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Access To User Data: If Microsoft Wins, Do Startups And Innovators Lose?

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 22:00

 With user trust at an all-time low, keeping the FBI’s hands off foreign users’ data seems like good business sense for US companies. Microsoft says it’s “fighting the feds over your email, but it also happens to be fighting to support the Microsoft business model. If your business isn’t like Microsoft (and if you’re a tech company that’s less than 10… Read More

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Tor Exec Claims NSA Agents Supply It With Vulnerability Information

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 21:58

 The Tor Project, an effort to allow users to browse the Internet anonymously, thinks that it is receiving tips from spies focused on finding its flaws. Tor’s Andrew Lewman alleges that the folks tasked with finding ways to break Tor, are supplying the group with the information that they uncover. Not all, of course, but according to a quote published by the BBC, Lewman claims that Tor… Read More

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Engineers Build A 3D Printing OS For All Printers Everywhere

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 21:48

 If you’ve used any 3D printers over the past year or so, you’ll notice one thing: fragmentation. A few use open source apps (which are abysmal) and many use homebrew solutions which range from amazing to “meh.” Now a group of engineers wants to create a standardized, usable OS for all 3D printers, ensuring that any time you click a button to print a 3D model… Read More

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Clones Of “Flappy Bird” Sequel “Swing Copters” Flushed From App Stores

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 21:47

 The mobile app stores are dealing with the app cloning problem at last, it seems. Earlier this week, “Flappy Bird” creator Dong Nguyen released the sequel to his insanely popular, but frustrating game, which had once led to dozens upon dozens clones from developers hoping to cash in on the trend. With Nguyen’s new game, “Swing Copters,” the cloners quickly… Read More

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Google Acquires Gecko, Which Did Mechanical Design For The Original FitBit

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 21:43

 Google has acquired Gecko Design, a firm operating out of Los Gatos, California, to help with its Google X special projects laboratory. The acquired company has done design work for a number of high-profile clients, including Aliph (Jawbone), Dell, HP, Slingmedia, OLPC and FitBit. It did all of the mechanical design work behind the original activity tracker FitBit debuted at TechCrunch50 in… Read More

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Airbnb’s Brian Chesky Will Be Our Guest At Disrupt SF 2014

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 21:38

 Airbnb is valued at $10 billion. Behind it all is Brian Chesky, who along with co-founders Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk, has transformed the company from focusing on cheap airbed rentals to building what is now a global hospitality brand. He’ll be joining us at Disrupt and you should, too! Read More

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This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 21:00

 In the depths of August, much of the tech world is simply waiting for the fall to begin. In the first half of September alone, we’ll have new devices from Apple, Motorola, and Amazon. But for now, it’s a waiting game, so we’re taking a look back at our favorite gadgets of the year. We’ve narrowed it down the <a Amazon Fire TV, the Android TV, and the Canary home… Read More

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Windows 9 Preview Could Feature Rapid Build Updates

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 20:23

 When Microsoft signaled that it would move to a more rapid release cycle for Windows code, it meant it. The coming technical preview of Windows 9 — the operating system codenamed ‘Threshold’ — could contain a rapid-upgrade feature to keep users who are stress testing the software up to date. According to NeoWin’s Brad Sams, current internal testers of Windows 9… Read More

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TechCrunch Giveaway: Canon EOS T3i Kit And NeroTrigger

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 19:40

 One of you will be the lucky winner of a Canon EOS T3i kit paired with a NeroTrigger. The Canon EOS Rebel is a digital SLR camera, and is accompanied by an accessory kit that includes three lenses, a camcorder and a 59″ lightweight tripod – among other accessories. Read More

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Will Developer Tools Startups Ever Find Investors?

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 19:30

 Venture capital is an industry in which the exceptions are often more important than the rules. For many years, investors believed in a golden rule that software was the key to minting returns, leaving hardware as one of the most underinvested areas of venture. Then things changed as new technologies like 3D printing allowed hardware startups to accelerate their product design, and several… Read More

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No One Nominated The Galaxy S5 For The Ice Bucket Challenge, Samsung

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 18:56

 Just stop, Samsung. Stop. The Ice Bucket Challenge is designed to raise awareness for a horrible disease, not sell your phone. It doesn’t matter that you, Samsung, donated money to a UK organization fighting the same condition as the ALS Association. To degrade a worldwide movement to a phone advert is just about the worst thing possible. Read More

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Amazon Now Piloting CPM Ads With Select Amazon Associates Publishers

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 17:21

 Amazon has launched a display ad network, in the form of Amazon CPM ads, to members of its online affiliates program, Amazon Associates. Select members of the program have recently been invited to test the new advertising option, which will feature both display ads from Amazon as well as other “high-quality” advertisers. The program is currently in a pilot testing period –… Read More

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Secret Update Removes Photo Library Access As It Faces Renewed Claims It Isn’t So Anonymous

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 17:13

 Secret has a new update out for Android, with an iOS equivalent arriving sometime next week. The app changes include the addition of Flickr image search, which requires the “exchange” of the ability to use pics from your photo library, in a move clearly designed to limit users from sharing potentially damaging pics of people they know. You can still take a pic on the fly and share… Read More

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Amazon Reopens Its AWS Loft In San Francisco

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 17:00

 Earlier this year, Amazon opened a space for developers in San Francisco to come and talk to AWS engineers, get training, network or simply hang out. This “Pop-up Loft” was open for four weeks in June. Today, the company announced that it is re-opening the space this Fall after tweaking the concept a bit to “make it even more valuable for you.” Back in June, Amazon… Read More

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Voice-Based Social Media Platform Bubbly Acquired By Altruist Group

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 11:14

 Bubbly, the voice-based social media network, has been acquired by India-based Altruist, which provides telecom services in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The terms of the deal were undisclosed. Bubbly, which was known as Bubble Motion before rebranding last year, raised a total of $39 million, and investors, including Sequoia Capital, Comcast Ventures, Palomar Ventures, JAFCO Asia, NGP,… Read More

Catégories: News informatiques Wants To Put Employees In Good Company

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 10:38

 Whether or not we like to admit it, our relationships with our colleagues are among the most significant in our lives. Dealing with their quirks (endearing or otherwise) can take up as much time as actually working. A startup called wants to make it easier for co-workers to get along by taking research from organizational psychology and distilling it into a series of… Read More

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IPO-Bound E-Commerce Giant Rocket Internet Consolidates, Holtzbrink Takes 2.5% Stake

Techcrunch - ven, 22.08.2014 - 10:11

 More shareholder activity over at Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based e-commerce incubator and investor that is widely expected to go public. Holtzbrinck Ventures, a firm that has been a longtime investor in Rocket Internet portfolio companies around the world, is exchanging the shares it has in those companies for a 2.5% share in Rocket Internet. No cash is changing hands here: this is a… Read More

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Massive: 662 Free Web Resources for Designers by The DealFuel Crew

Noupe - ven, 22.08.2014 - 10:00


The good news about the Internet is that it’s a rich and powerful source of help, information and expertise. The bad news is that it provides an almost limitless amount of information and an ever-increasing supply of experts on just about every subject. So if you are searching for some web resources for your next project, how do you know they are reliable, licensed to use and of high quality? Well, we have a great solution for you. The following collection of freebies grants you reliability, no hassle use licenses and high quality all in one fell swoop. Did we mention, that all of the resources are free? No? They are all free…

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